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Newbie !!!

Hi i'm Karen, and new to this site, i have been on WW now for 4 weeks and have lost 81/2 lb, i am a little bit confused about the extra 49 points i'm told i can have each week, as yet i have not touched them, as i am sure i would never lose anything if i had them as well, can anybody tell me what they do with the extra 49, thanks, Karen
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Hi Karen
I'm a newbie too!
I think the 49 points are additional ones you can have at any point during the week - i.e. you could have 7 extra per day or 49 extra all in 'one go'. These are on top of the 29 (or however much) points you have every day.
In my mind I will probably use them if I'm going out or fancy a 'treat'...
...ooh I hope someone else who knows more than me comes along soon for you! x
Thankyou Hedgehog for that, i am still a bit reluctant to have them though, what i dont understand is, that i have been given 29 pp per day but on the other hand, i could actually have 36 per day if i wanted to, bit off putting, i feel guilty if i accidently have 30 instead of 29, ha, maybe i will think differently about them if i do some excersize, thanks again xx
Could it be that lots of people (myself included) usually have a 'blow out' after weigh in, and giving us these 'extra' points means we can do so without the associated guilt? We're just saving up all week in a way?


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u shouldn't feel guilty about having the extra 49, even if u maybe just had half of them? A lot of people say they don't have good losses if they just stick to the 29. You've also got to think if u start ur body off not having the 49 for weeks it will get used to it, so the weeks u end up using some u may not lose, if u get what I mean? 29 is the minimum u should b having! Think of it this way, most of the food on the old system is more or less half of what it is now, say a jacket pot used to b 2 n half n now it's 5! so really we've only got a extra 9 than the old system. Not everything is doubled obviously but a lot of things are! Try having 20 or something! Hope this makes sense, I do ramble on xx
Hi Kezzalicios, thanks for that, yes it does make alot more sense now, before i was allowed 19 points i think so now at 29 i do only get 10 pp more and your right, alot of things are doubled, cheers for that xx

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