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Hi people, I'm totally new to this site and also to dieting! I have started the cambridge diet today as I am getting married on the 15th June this year and have a lot of weight to lose.
My mother in law to be is making my dress but I have asked her not to start it yet as I really want/need to lose about 3st first.
The decision to start a diet came when I went for a bra fitting and saw myself for the first time in a long time in a full length mirror, it was horrible, I just wanted to curl up and cry, I didnt just need a bra for my front boobs, I also had the beginning of back boobs aswell:cry:
So that was my turning point and here I am today, I also have a really good friend who is also on the CD and she has been a real inspiration to me, listening to how much weight she has lost, so Thank You Donna for telling me all about the CD and thanks to Nigel, my CDC, he's brills!
I'm looking forward to meeting people on here that are or have been in the same situation and after reading some of the messages, there a lot of you that have done so well and you are all inspirational aswell so I am defiently going to stick to this diet no matter what and hopfully one day I will also have a success story to write about xxx
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Hi Cora,


Best of luck with starting CD today and I hope it is going well for you.

My mother in law to be is making my dress but I have asked her not to start it yet as I really want/need to lose about 3st first.
What a lovely mother in law to be you have:)

Stick with your diet and you will have that first 3 stone off before you know it:)

Love Mini xxx


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Hiya.......congratulations on your forthcoming wedding how exciting.
You should be easily at your target weight for your wedding........have you decided what style of dress you are going for ?????
Its so exciting all the preparations........
Hiya, thank you so much, I am so excited, my wedding dress is a corset style with lace just above the top of the corset, I have been into town today with my mum in law (carol) to buy the material, my colours are cream and gold for my dress, rustic, burnt orange for my bridesmaids and cream and gold for my little flower girl.
I am in amazement at the moment as I only started my diet yesterday and have already lost 4lb!!!
I did used to eat mostly take aways though just for convenience so its a big change for me lol.
I love this site, there are so many lovely stories on here that are so inspiring.
Anyway, take care all, speak soon xxx
Hi Cora,

I am also a bride-to-be with a fair amount of weight to lose before I fit into the dress I've ordered (yikes). I am just into my 4th week of Lighter Life now, and so far am down a stone and a half. I understand the Cambridge Diet is similar.

There is nothing like a wedding for great motivation - do you have pictures of what it will look like once it's made? I cut and pasted a picture of my head onto a scan of the one I've ordered to remind myself what I'm doing on the tough days. I am sure you'll do fine, and the dress fittings will be so much more fun as you progress. The dresses and colours you've selected sound beautiful - I thought I would be miserable choosing mine as a fat bride, but I feel so much better now that it's coming off, and it's a lot of fun so far. Will have to delay the menu tasting for a bit, though :)

I'd wish you good luck, but it's not luck that we need - it's support, strength and motivation, so I'll wish you those instead :)

Hi Kimmer,
Im on my 4th day of the cd and its been the best day so far as yesterday I was ready to give up but the side effects are wearing off (thankfully!)
Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, when is the big day?
I am sooooo excited, have lost 8lbs since monday!
Yes, you are right, it is support, strength and motivation we need and I am getting that from my cdc, he is absolutly brilliant, also from this site, its fab!
Aww im really excited for you hun, we can swap ideas and chat about the weight loss aswell.
Take care, hope to speak soon xxx
November 29th for me, so lots of time yet for me to get to my goal and work on maintaining it for a bit before all the stressy bits start up. Hopefully by honeymoon time, I won't be so eager to dive head first into the first resort buffet table I see.

Good on you, getting through the first few days - our group lost a couple during that period, but it gets so, so much better. And congratulations on your first week's loss - it feels amazing, doesn't it?
Hello Kimmer,
I didnt lose anything yesterday but have only had 1 sachet today as my appitite has totally gone?
I have pics of my dress but am unsure how to put it up on here, have chose the style of my bridesmaids dresses today, ooohhhh am so excited lol
One thing im worried about though is when to ask Carol to start my dress, what if i get to my target weight but then lose or put on weight and my dress doesnt fit????
Have you been having dreams about your wedding aswell, iv had some right strange ones lol xxx
Hi Cora,

It's important to have your sachets - my understanding is that it doesn't come off anymore quickly if you don't, and you're not getting all the vitamins you need for nice skin, hair, etc. Which brings me to my next point - my skin is looking AWESOME lately - really impressed!

Don't worry about the days you don't go down - I've been stuck for a couple of weeks, which I understand is unusual this early on, but my sticks have been bright pink, and my counsellor says I'm dehydrated and holding water for some reason. Not a surprise really, how much we can fluctuate day-to-day, when you consider that 4 litres of water weigh 8.4 lbs!! Just got my visitor today, though, so I'm hoping it will shift it - I do notice that just before I tend to puff up, and I'd not been feeling well on top of that.

Chose my bridesmaid dresses this week too! I'm so glad everyone is happy with them - one stress not to worry about. My niece and nephew (ages 5 and 4) will be participating as well, and their little outfits are gorgeous :)

Funny you should say about dreams about your wedding. I had a dream last night that my dress was a bit too big when I went to get it, but then when they fixed it, they made it too small! I had to walk down the aisle with it unzipped in the back. Trust me - it wasn't pretty. I was wearing a major granny-type control garment that would in NO way suggest 'wedding night' :)

As for when to start making the dress - how much time does Carol figure that she'll need to make it? From your ticker it looks like you probably only have about 2 - 2 1/2 months to go (it sounds like the rate of loss is similar to LL). Depending on how tall you are, a stone is approximately a dress size - so you could be at your goal by end of April or so. To be on the safe side, could you take your size at, say, mid to late March as a starting point, and then alter it as you get closer to the date? I was lucky, because I know that the last time I was at my goal weight, I was wearing all my sister's clothes quite comfortably, so I took her measurements and then ordered a size up. They told me at the shop that as long as the dress was no more than two sizes too big, it can be altered to fit. Hope so, as the deposit's been paid! I figure that way, I have a bit of leeway in the size, in case I don't stay at my absolute goal (but I may do a quick refresher just to be good and sure about a month beforehand).

Sorry this is so long, very excited to be talking about weddings and dresses and so on!

Have a good night,

Shoot - I can't see it for some reason. I'm not sure if it's my account, as I also can't PM anyone or see their public profiles.....Bet it's lovely, hopefully I can get this sorted out and get a look at it.
Hiya Cora and Kimmer, good luck on your weightloss journey's i'm getting married 5th July and i've lost 3 stone so far aiming for another 3 preferably 4 before July how are the plans coming along girls?

Cant see that pic Cora but it sounds beautiful and how lovely to have someone to make it for you :)
I ordered my dress in January in a size smaller than i am and they've said they can alter it up to 4 dress sizes which is good. Just been doing my order of service today OH just needs to pick a song for us to walk back up the aisle to lol

Hows the diet's going? Did u get through a full week? I can't SS so my weight losses will be slower but it's lovely to have some company from fellow brides it's been rather quiet on here lol. The diet really is great you'll both definitely lose the weight before your wedding's if you stick with it and hopefully with time to spare :-D
Hi Ninababes :)

Looks like you're well on the way to your dress - and beyond! I am hoping that mine doesn't show up in the shop until I reach my goal weight - then I can go try it on immediately!

We're not getting married until November, so taking it slow at the moment - just booked the honeymoon, though!! Haven't been able to sleep for two nights, I'm so excited about it.

How are you both making out, ladies?
congratulations ninababe, its such a good incentive isnt it, iv only got 18 weeks today till my big day, am soooo excited
wonder why you cant see the pic of my dress?

Hi Kimmer, hows you today?
i was very naughty yesterday, went to leicester to meet a friend iv never met b4 and we had a meal, i had steak, peas, a few chips and a bit of choc fudge cake then when i got home i had a whole packet of roasted cashew nut:booboo:
but im still in ketosis:confused:checked my pee this morning and the stick went purple straight away. guna weigh myself tomorrow as its a week tomorrow i started on the cd,

Hi Cora,

Whoops! I know my LLC would be telling me to think about what I was feeling and thinking when I made the decision to eat...were you uneasy that you'd never met this person before? Were you self-conscious about not eating in front of this person - and if so, why? Then, if you make a game plan for next time, you'll be better prepared :) (This happened to me a few times when I first started Lighter Life, only for me, I tend not to eat and then binge afterwards)

Good luck getting back on the wagon, and with the WI tomorrow!

Hi Kimmer,
no not at all, shes someone i met online last year and is actually on here doing the cd aswell, we all met up cos shes at her chaps place for a while which is near where i live and we get on so well and i just had to meet her cos shes become such a great friend. its Simons fault (bf) cos he ordered me the meal lol
Iv gone and booked our honeymoon today, am sooooooooo nervous of flying, never been on a plane b4, what if it crashes or the engines fail, am so anxious now, its only a 2hr flight aswell lol:character00255:
where are you going for your honeymoon?

have just bought some new scales from lloyds pharmacy because im fed up of my scales showing different weights when i move it around so will weigh myself tomorrow morning b4 work.

cant believe i stayed in ketosis after eating that meal and having a full bag of cashews, not quite sure how thats has happened lol, im not complaining though:confused:

have you got any pics of your wedding dress and what is your colour scheme?

Ah well, back on the horse, eh?
Funny coincidence - we booked our honeymoon today too - I don't know how I'm going to wait for so long! My fiancé's folks are giving us an Australia/ New Zealand cruise for our honeymoon (very gobsmacked), so I've been glued to their website all evening...Im hoping that will be good incentive, on top of the dress.

I'm going to try to post a photo of the dress here - since the wedding is in the fall, I was wanting lots of fall colours, like burgundy, rust, gold, etc., since Christmas will come soon enough, I reckon! I'm from Canada, so I'm hoping to work lots and lots of maple leaves in there somehow (they pretty much come in all those colours, so they should make good accents).

Hope all goes well,



:wow:Kim, the dress is gorgeous, you are so lucky to be able to go on a cruise. the colours sound so lovely aswell, it all sounds so nice, am really excited for you, hope you will post some pics after the big day.

Im off into town tomorrow to try and find a cd with wedding music on it as I need to choose what we are having.
Have you ever heard the song truly, madly deeply by savage garden?
im thinking of having that playing whilst i walk down the aisle??

oh, fun stuff! I am not sure of it off the top of my head (I am terrible with music and memory) but I am sure I must have it here somewhere - I'll have a listen to it when I find it.

Thanks for the nice comments - there is only so much interest my OH is willing to pay to colours!
Where are you going for your honeymoon? Don't worry about the plane (easier said than done, I know). If I weren't sure that it's safe, I wouldn't be going on one either :)

Have a good day tomorrow - would love to see a pic of your dress, if you can repost it.


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