1. susieb33

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    Hi all... I am contemplating start WW next Monday in Crawley Sx... how easy is it do you think it is to stay on this new Simply plan... about 13 years ago I lost 60lbs in 10 mths on the Points plan, and need to lose the same again for health reasons... After trying SW last year I got bored with it after 6 mths and only losing 1.5 st. My OH and I want to do it together.. and would like some advice please... thanks Sue..
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  3. Purpled

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    I lost a fair bit of weight on this plan and it was easy to follow and worked.
    In the days it didn't fit I with my life (if I was out all day and no chance to prepare food) I did a propoint day. So some people do all simply filling, others do half of each. That's the great thing.

    I like that crumpets are free. They are a good quick breakfast food for me
  4. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    Also you don't have to weigh foods other than the things you point. So I'd make up some Wholemeal pasta, tuna, homemade pasta sauce and veg and have enough for a few work lunches. Then the next day I didn't have to remember what was in it as it was all free.

    Plus I love chips and mainly used my oil allowance to make chips lol
  5. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    Have u started the plan??

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