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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by ShutFeeUp, 20 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. ShutFeeUp

    ShutFeeUp Member

    Hello guys,
    I am doing this diet for 12 days as that is how many days worth of shakes I have. I was in hospital last month so pay day was very cruel and I have run out of 'healthy' food. I am stuck with instant noodles and i figure that I may as well lose some weight whilst i am too poor for even milk! I get paid again in 9 days time so until then I am going to follow sole source. Hope I can lose a fair bit in just over a week! good luck guys :) xxx
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  3. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Silver Member

    How innovative of you ! That really is putting a positive spin on it, lots of luck.
    I have completed day three and it has been surprisingly ok. I also had a weeks worth of shakes which have been languishing in the cupboard for a long while. The difference is mine were next to the kids choc,crisps crackers etc :)
  4. louise11A

    louise11A Full Member

    How are u getting on guys? If it wasn't for my partner and son I would consider binning all food in the house to banish temptation ha ha

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