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Hi, I’m new on here!
I started Cambridge 10days ago and lost 10lb in first week. Really struggling with shakes and food packs but bars are fine. I could take 3 bars per day no problem. Water I’m hitting target with. Hoping to lose 3 stone - just wondering if it best to stay on SS until target reached and then move through the steps or maybe SS for 2mths and then start to move the steps to lose the last bit slower and learn to maintain?
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S: 105kg C: 105kg G: 85kg BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0kg(0%)
Hey there :) Well done on your first week. I started on CD but now im on exante but came to answer you. You should only do a very low calorie diet (SS) for 12 weeks at a time and then you should have a break for a couple of weeks by going to a higher step, 1000 calories or more. Then you could go back down to SS if you wanted but I found that my losses were the same on step 3 once the weight loss slowed down because I had less to lose anyway. Just do what works for you but definitely work up the steps slowly at the end as it definitely helps with maintinaing. x