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Hello all, im new to Minimins and just wanted to say hello to you all. I've got a few questions about the cambridge diet but first I'll tell you a bit about where I am at the moment. I weighed 15.7 stones in May 2006 and I decided to go on the Lighterlife diet. I lost 5 stones in about 5 and a half months. There's a bit more to my story but you can read this in the link below if you want to. I kept the weight off until recently and I have gained a stone and a half. I decided to give the cambridge diet a go this time just because it's a bit cheaper for me to do. I started this yesterday. My questions are:

Do CD counsellors supply different flavours? When i went to see mine yesterday for the first time, she didn't have Choc mint or Choc orange and im sure there are a few others she didn't have.

Does drinking diet coke effect weight loss at all? Can you have any other diet drinks?

This site is great, it's just a shame I didn't know about it when I was on Lighterlife.
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Go for it Lauren, you can do this easily, you have overcome far more, you look fab in your picture, you've done so well, good luck and keep us posted on your progress


Mrs B

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Hi Lauren, well done on your weight loss so far. You'll have that stone and a half off in no time. Your CDC should have all the flavours available but with there being so many (and I think they have to order a whole box of 21 at a time) there probably will be times they've run out of something.

If she doesn't have any next time ask - maybe none of her other clients like those ones.


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hi. you can have coke ZERO but not DIET coke, its to do with the phosphoric acid vs citric acid. Im sure someone will be along to explain! There is a big long thread somewhere on here I read about what you can and cant drink,
good luck anyway

Mrs B

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Coke Zero isn't allowed now either. I have some occasionally and it hasn't done any/much harm but it can make you hungry.

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