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hi, its my 2nd day in and today has been alot easier ,although I am still hungry. I have been told that by day 4 that feeling should go away. my sis mate did it and in 2 months has lost 3 stone and looks amazing so that gives me hope.
good luck


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thanks, i just keep tellin myself it'll be worth it!
my friend has been on it for 6wks and has lost nearly 2 stone, god i'd be happy with that!
im on week 3 and feel fantastic!
once ketosis kicks in usually day 3 or 4 the hunger will go, stick with it it is a great diet and good luck x


Back on the wagon!
Welcome to the forum...this is a great place for support....best of luck!!


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congratulations Bea!!
that is the reason i'm doing LT. have to get my bmi down below 30 before i start ivf (evil polycystic overies)!
fingers crossed if the weight comes off i won't need the treatment. :D


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hi sandie, Im on day 6 with LT it gets better I promise drink lots of water and peppermint tea that helps :) (I started dieting at christmas but far too slow)



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thanks lou, i wasn't sure what teas i could have, peppermint is a fave, i need a bit more variety!!:)
had vanilla drink tonight, heated with a spoonful of coffee added, highly recommend it.
thanks for the motivation guys
sandie x :D


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no probs, we have got to help each other through the tuff times, ive been told if you make the tea and let it go cold you could add it to the choc shake for a mint choc taste x
'just do it' if you wanna lose it you will, espescially on LT
Gets easier after the first week. I'm in week 3 and like missyd feel great.


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hi all, thanks for yesterday,it got me through today!!
just tried the chicken soup.... what a nice suprise :D

sandie x
Hi all, today is my first day on lipotrim and
i'm starvin! lol :sigh:
your successes have motivated me so i took the plunge.
does it get easier??
hope so.

sandie x
Welcome! It's nice to see another Liverpool based member! Who is your pharmisist? I'm with the guys at the end of the M62 and they are great!!! (especially compared to the stories you read about other pharmisists!)
Hi girls - well done on making what will be one of your better decisions - joining LT. Hang in there - you will soon be so motivated by your weight losses that you won't even think about cheating. Good luck - don't forget to tell us about your weigh ins

I haven't got taste coz I HATE the soup!!!! Lol!!!

The first week is the hardest but I'm in my 8th week and, although I have my hungry moments, I'm finding this the easiest diet I've ever done. I cook for my OH and children but have lost interest in food (well most of the time!!! Raw onion smelt yummy today!!!!! Lol!!!)

This site is a godsend when you are feeling tempted or down and has really helped me keep on track.

Good luck.


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