Hi Everyone,
Ive been looking at this site for a few weeks now, and decided to join today, after starting weight watchers. Have done various diets in the past, but have only lost about a stone and gave up. Im determined this year, its my 30th in April and dont want to be fat any longer. Ive recently had a hip operation and find it hard to excercise, and since being off work have put on 11lbs, thanx for reading this, take care xx
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Hi and Welcome to the forum! :)
Good Luck with Weight'll find plenty of support here! xx

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Hi and welcome. I am first to post in your diary....think that's a first for me!!!

How much are you planning to lose? Have you set some mini goals?

Be good to get yourself in one of the teams - I am sure Sandy, Jen or Rach can sort you out - not sure who the other team captains are

Rosie xx
thankyou so much, I want to lose a stone by valentines day, got a wedding to go to, think in total I want to lose about 3 1/2 stone, had such a bad year in 2008, so this year is mine, heres hoping anyway xx


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Hi and welcome to Minimins!
Good luck with your diet, Im sure you will do well! :D


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Hi and welcome to minis. Good luck with your weight loss



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hi all is it ok if i join in i have just joined today,i have another 21lbs to loose i would like to loose them for my holidays at the begining of july.


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welcome vodkachick.. so with ur op does that mean no exercise at all? even something like swimming that would be really low intensity?

WW is really easy to stick to though - if you have such an amount to lose then you will be given plenty to "live off" as such, each day.. so you shouldnt find it too difficult :) i have in total around 6st to lose and am finding its only my willpower (especially with the dregs of xmas chocs hanging around! :p) thats getting in my way.. nothing like feeling hungry or anything like that!

good luck with ur weightloss journey! xxx
hi blackwidow, had the op back in November, so things are getting easier, and swimming is def one thing I can do, actually going tomorrow, but its the whole confidence thing in a swimsuit haha, hoping to go back to work end Jan, begin Feb, so that will get the weight of too, everyone is so supprtive on here, its fantastic, hope your doing well xx


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Hi and welcome vodkachick. I can totally relate to the lack of confidence in a swimsuit feeling but just think once you're into the swing of the exercise those pounds will fall off even quicker and you'll be needing a new swimsuit in no time!!! Good luck with your weightloss journey xxx


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Hi :) .. just wanted to welcome you ........... im sure you can make 2009 your year :) xxx


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Hey good luck chick. Im starting back ww 2moro. Not done ww or 4 years, but really looking forward to it as its the only diet I have done in the past where I can live a normal life, and lose weight xx


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