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Yesterday i got back from visiting a CC consultant and collected my WEEK 1 packs :). as im 5,2 and 14.7 stones (bmi 36.6) :cry:i will be starting on 3 packs a day. i have nearly 5 stones to lose to get to a healthy BMI and turning 26 this month really hit home that i no longer want to be like this wasting my life away as big like this so i am taking this measure as i have tried so many diets and nothing seems to work for me so i have decided after researching alot that this diet is best suited to me and really this is my last chance :cry:i really hope i can get through week one with a good loss so i am motivated to do ss for a full 12 weeks without cheating :eek:. i am worried about the water content as i hardly drink any water at all, but when the hunger strikes in the water and teas should keep me going. so bring on day 1 today and to a new slim me for 2012 :D:D:D
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Hi hun good luck :) I am on day 6 my WI was last night! Its amazing how much all that hard work pays off! The first few days was hardish but just stick with it and after 4th day everything is fine and the diet becomes a lot easier! Good luck on your day 1 please let us know how you get on! We are all here to support you! Heres to 2012 :) xxx


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Hi miss_slim2b2012

:welcome: to the forum and the wonderful world of CD.
This is an amazing way to lose weight. Stick with it, keep in touch with the friends you have here...we will all get through this!
Fantastic weight loss so far Natasha, wow! :)


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Well Done Natasha!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

Welcome Miss Slim2b2012 and good luck with your weight loss journey. You have chosen a great diet and you will get great results fast. The first week is the hardest but once you are in ketosis you will be fine I am on day 51 of SS with no cheats what so ever. Trust me your hard work really does pay off on this diet :) Good luck look forward to hearing how you get on :)