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I know we have a lot of new people on here, and there has been a lot of talk/advice about being aware of constipation....

LT have their own product fibreCLEAR (it was £4.95 a tub through your pharmacy last year) which works for some but not others.. You can add it to your shakes or your water..
I don't know if you are aware of it, but you can contact LT yourself and get a free sample so at least you can try it and see if it works for you.. The phone numbers are:

England, Wales, Scotland - 0800 413735
Ireland - 00353 (0)43 33 31969

If it doesn't work for you, a large amount of posters use psyllium husk either from The Spiceworks, Spice merchants of the worlds finest spices & herbs, or from the same company via Ebay (e.g Item number:270688342813).. The only reason a lot of us went through Ebay rather than their website was because Ebay ended up being cheaper, but double check this is still the case if you decide to order.

Please do not ignore this problem or feel embarrassed on here (we have had many many "poo" threads!! lol) as it can lead to serious complications, including one poster who had the beginnings of a prolapsed bowel, and had to come off....

Hope that helps x x
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Www.Myprotein.co.uk also do the husk...

I prefer it from there as it's more husk and less powder, just seems to work better... But as I've said before everyone is different...

This post shows that Su really is the queen of poop ! Pmsl

But she is right.. Don't be embarrassed by poop threads, it's nothing we havnt heard before lol
Husks rule... Constipation drool... Hehehe


Fighting for My Health
Oh Su! lmao. Very helpful post, but why am I not surprised you started it! lmao

Are you all trying to tell me, in the nicest possible way, that i am full of sh!t??!!!! lmaooooooooooo x x x


Fighting for My Health
Well, not after psyllium husk! :D lmao
Ha! We're talking poop again!!! Although I have one question - this evening I've gone from end of the scale to the other if you know what I mean, I'm afraid to move!!! It's the end of day 5, anybody else heard of or experienced this? Have been 100 percent throughout and a bit concerned as heard of nobody else posting about this, thanks x
If i am right lola, and you are talking about having the squits.. I had that too!!! lol

I was "normal" for my 1st week or 2 i think, then i had a bout of diarrhoea (no other symptoms or problems-just the runs) and when that cleared up, my constipation started and i took all sorts to make me go, before i settled on psyllium husk.... I hope that it works out differently for you, but just in case.. Get your constipation remedy in place!! lol x x
Movicol from any chemist is brill too, when i was on LT 2years ago, most people were using that. x

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