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Newbies to lipotrim :)

I havint been on the site long
I love it <3 its very good and interesting and full of tips and tricks to make your experience on lipotrim as easy as possible.

As a newbie on lipotrim and to the site I was looking around reading this that and the other all great post from people all very encouraging and motivational but also inspirational!! thanks... you've given me great tips and im not not afraid of lipotrim but loving it :D

as a newbie to everything I myself is looking for people at the same stage as myself wanting to talk about how they are doing each day and to generally make lipotrim buddies .. :D

I myself is at day two, some of my friends at home think im crazy doing such an extream diet but meh its up to me at the end of the day...

has anyone else come across people like this? they nearly want to put you off doing it :( its not nice because afterall it is very hard to do and you are doing it for you !!

who else is a newbie to lipotrim??
what do you like ??
what do you not like??
are you finding it difficult or ok??

what ever it is this tread is for the newbies of lipotrim :cool:
but also anyone please do comment with tips or just an owel chin wag !!
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Hello & Welcome Annie, This forum is fantastic for tips, support & motivation. The best tips I can give you is to sip your water regularly throught the day and if you ever feel like caving, come on here. There will always be someone around to support you and advise you how to get through tough times.

Clair x
Im new - but I haven't started yet - Im starting on MOnday I cant wait, I haven't told anyone except my DH yet - I know ill get loads of grief but I dont care
aw thanks clair !!
we can all do it together !!
I really thought the shakes wud be horrid but der paletable lol
I did herbalife b4 and omg talk about discusting !!!!!!

go us !!

i tried the coffee in the choc shake not so nice !! was a tad ewwwwww
lol still threw it down lol

shrinkingannie ur right not to care u are doing it for you and obviously it is safe as pharmacies wud not recommend it to people ... some people jus dont under stand this concept I got grief from sum of my friends at first when i told them now they are supportive they said fair play to me for being able to cut out food cus im a total food junky lol
ull do great !!



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HI I'm starting on Monday and I've had negative reactions - even from my Hubby, though he will suypport my decision - you just have to remind yourself why you're doing this and at the end of the day only you know how you feel about your body and health.
Good Luck xxxx
Mrsn N u are dead right i was at a party last nite and i jus kept telling myself why im doing it so i woulding eat !!
hope it goes well for you xx
Hi, Annie, another newb here.

You will certainly meet loads of people who will tell you that the diet is dangerous, that you'll put all the weight back on, that your body will break down its muscles...etc, etc.

The fact is they are speaking from a position of ignorance. And in the case of professional advocates of other diet systems (e.g. Slimming World; Weight Watchers) they have a vested interest in rubbishing other diets in favour of their own.

You've done the research and know that this diet is endorsed by medical professionals (pharmacists and doctors who specialise in obesity).

If, like me, you tend to treat food in the same way that an alcoholic treats alcohol, then the usual way of dieting (calorie-counting; portion-restriction) will not work, because you have to make the break psychologically with the substance you are finding it difficult to control. You would never tell an alcoholic to 'just cut down'. You would tell them to stop and never drink another drop.

Of course, that option is not available to compulsive eaters! We can only achieve a temporary psychological break with food, because eventually we have to eat again. This is why, in my opinion, compulsive eating is far harder to treat than alcoholism or drug addiction.

For me, the real, hard work will begin when I have to gradually re-introduce food. I have done the Cambridge Diet before quite successfully (I quit long before I reached my target weight) and I did not do the crucial thing of taking expert advice when re-introducing food. Plus I went into a tailspin of self-destructive behaviour, but that's another story. :eek:

Anyway, the way I dealt with it before was to politely thank people for their concern, and to suggest they Google VLCDs if they wanted to see the very sound research behind the system, and informed them that GPs and NHS obesity clinics use the diet with their patients. I also pre-warned them not to confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis.

Hope this helps. I find other people's curiosity, and compulsion to criticise my choices, the hardest aspect of weight loss. I wish it was possible for me to lose ten stones in weight and have NOBODY in my work/social circle make comments (either negative or positive!). The only people I want to talk to about this, are those who are going through the same thing.
you are so right magpie .. if it wasint for my interest in this site to keep away i think I mite have broken down by now lol well maybe not so much but i definatly think the site is the reason why im so determined... and yes I treat food that very same way it was my comfort in times of need, sadness and desperation then der was the bordum eating !!! so a clean break to sort the mind out and body is well indeed needed and lipotrim is the way

how long u on it hun? im only on day 3

negativity pfff usually the ppl that do critisize are the jealious ones ... :) but if its someones choice dont diss it is wat i say !!

:D and thats how Ann c's it lol glee moment haha sry lol
It's Day 3 for me too.

Went into ketosis last night (I have a pot of the trusty Ketostix) so I'm very happy. Shivery cold, of course, but it's a small price to pay.
can u get the stix in a pharmacy??
cool maybe i shud invest ....
I dont even know if im in ketosis yet
were both on day 3 thats sort of nice knowing sum1 is exactly where I am :)
Im in work at the moment in scince 9am - 10pm so im feelin a tad low at d mo brain keeps thinkin of food even tho im not hungry grrr its very hard 4 me totaly addicted to food thats why i went on lipo..

how are you getting on hun?
Hi guys!:)

Im a semi-newbi to lipotrim too, well i did it before for 5 weeks but since then Im well up again and so im re-starting tomorro, Monday!eek!

This time im so determined, especially with the beautiful weather at the moment.......I know most people would kill for a bit of sun but for me it just reinforces how horrible I feel in myself at the moment, just cant wait to get started!

Well done annabellacarribean and magpie, I cant wait to be 3 days in, I bet you feel better already, heres to your first weigh in, keep up the good work!

And I totally aggree with what you were saying about un-suportive people and their comments, that had a big effect on me last time with work colleagues saying I was mad to do such a VLCD and friends begging me to come off it so I could drink with them! Well, times a changein!!! I want to do this diet for myself so I can feel better in myself, physically and mentally, so goodbye haters and hello lipotrimmers!!!:D

Best of luck to you all, keep shaking!x
good woman elle !!

yea dont listen to no1 but the trimmers hehe
if anyone has msn feel free to add me :)
[email protected]

a good support system is the way i was just down in the kitchen in work was so tempted to eat but all I thought of was the site what ppl have said and the fact I would be so dissopointed if i had even teh tinyist chicken wing i wud have felt so guilty so i didint thank god I did walk over to the oven but i went back to my black tea lol the dinner lady thinks im mad
Well done annie!!!:clap:
You know you can do this, there will always be temptation and its so hard to turn away but you did it! Black tea and coffee all the way, uuuum!!lol, good for you!
so how are u elle??
u betta keep us posted :D
Im getting excited now about my first weigh in tomorro, I sneakily weighed myself so Ill be prepared, Im hovering at around 12 and a half stone now and a size 16! Its been getting me down alot lately, not helped by a so-called friends comment on my love handles!!!:eek:

Anyhow, having done it before I know if I can get through the first week Ill be feeling alot better, only one more sleep and ill be joining you all with my chocolate shakes and water water water!!!!

Great to have all the support and motivation on here!x

yea u go girl .. yer friends are jus jealious :p

cant wait to have u with us hehe


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Good Luck tomorrow Elle - I start then too. I'm getting nervous now!

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