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newby - first day

hi everyone, its my first day today and although I haven't really been hungry I have really struggled with the food - the aftertaste is really bad and making me feel quite sick! the porridge this morning was ok but the soup made me gag! I did get a good variety of different things but think I'm going to have to survive on the ready made drinks and the porridge if I'm going to get through this!
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please try again
hey hun, welcome to cambridge and minimins!

dont worry too much about the after taste, its usually caused by the high concentration of vitimins and minerals, just have a glass of water handy to drink during and after to dilute them and you'll be fine, ur tastebuds will get used to it

peoples tastes also often change over thier time on cambridge and people get into a little routine with the products they like, me personally i have 3 choc mint shakes a day as they are my fave and im perfectly happy in my little bubble, lol
hi there and thanks for this - well I've survived day two and it was a bit easier with the taste - had mousse and drink and porridge today - feeling really hungry but okay - however I've had a really, really bad head since yesterday. How long does it take before these disappear? I'm a bit worried about work tomorrow if I've got a really bad head.


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good work getting through day 1 for most people it all clicks on day 3 or 4 so stay strong


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Hi ya Dotbirch... keep drinking lots and lots of water.. the aftertaste will pass honestly.. although even 13 weeks on I cannot stand the packets and can only stomach the tetras and bars. Don't give it.. the first week is hard, but then it becomes a part of life I promise... keep going and keep posting for support too. Good luck x x

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