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newby here , why can't i look at profiles etc ?

hi all x , not long joined the site but was trying to click on a few of your photos to give me inspiration but everytime i click on a profile etc i am told i do not have permission to view it ! , do i need to ask everyone if i can view their profile ? , paul.
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Hi Paul. You have to do a certain amount of posts before you can do that, But if you go to the top of this page you have slide show inspiration pictures you can look at...hope this helps;)
Welcome to LL. It will be the best thing you have ever done!
thanks everyone x , got my third weigh in tonight at six , like i have said on another post i am happy with a 21 lb loss in the first 2 weeks but have a long way to go , thanks for your responses , i think i might like it on this site , paul. :D
How funny - I was going to ask the same question at lunchtime, as I keep seeing people saying here's their new photo and everyone saying how good they look and I see nothing!

Well done Paul!
Goodluck for weigh in..mine is tonight!
Did you find the inspiration slide show..its where all the blue bit at the top is.
yes , just been looking at the inspiration photos thanks and they are amazing , do i also have to wait 50 posts to put my photo as an avatar ? as it won't let me click off the no avatar option !, anyone ? , thanks guys :eek:


Guess who's back...?
Hi Paul - welcome to Minimins - not sure about the avatar thingee - but there are some things you can start doing at around 20/25 posts I think... there should be a thread in the top Sticky section of the forum, from one of the admin about general forum rules/guidelines... I found it somewhere once upon a time!

Great weight loss so far, CONGRATULATIONS - keep it up - and get a ticker (you can do your signature any time I think)... just google Ticker Factory... it is so cool to see how far along the line you are going to your goal :)

Keep us posted!

Anna x
thanks anna x , not very good on the pc but have just tried to do a ticker , hope it has worked :D
yeah i must admit it acts as a bit of an incentive to see the ticker bar move along , thanks x , just wish the site would let me change my avatar to the pic i have uploaded ! it just won't let me click off the no avatar option for some strange reason :confused:
hmmm just thought i would test this star out but not sure pink suits me ! lol :D

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