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Newby - quick question

the course runs on a 4 weekly basis, but on my introduction i said i wanted to start straight away so my c allowed me to buy a weeks worth of foodpacks to see me through untill i could start the following week on week 1. idsscuse it with your c they can advise you


...we're sinking deeper.
Yep, like Bali said, it depends when your LLC has her groups going, though with Lite you could probably buy foodpacks to last you until first meeting! :)
The modules are just 4-week slots. You get a book with each module and the LLC goes through the helpful therapy described within them week by week. The books have little exercises for you to do at home, they are quite hard because you really have to think about your habits! :D
Thanks for that ladies. I'm just so keen to get started, I hope I can start straight away. I think it may be a class I'm joining on the Monday night but I'll wait and see. I'd love to be slim for summer - 3 stone to lose:cry:

This forum is soo inspirational by the way x


...we're sinking deeper.
From my experience with Lite in relation to mainsteam Abstinence, the losses have been quite a bit slower on LLLite programme... There are too many variables sometimes that derail my weight-loss, and also the losses generally are a bit slower among most ladies that I've observed doing this.
Perhaps you could have a go at looking at doing Foundation Abstinence for a couple of months? The losses will be quicker, and you will definitely reach target before summer. On Lite I'm not sure you will be able to since it's already nearly mid-April. But it all depends on whether you are ready to cut food out of your life completely for 2-3 months! It sounds scary, but really isn't as bad as you think after about a week.

For abstinence LL you will have to fill out a doctor's form though and get it stamped/signed off at your local surgery along with a Blood Pressure check.
I'm not sure I could cope with total abstinance and think the lite programme would be best suited to me. I'd just be happy with a steady weight loss and if i did lose 3 stone it would take me back to a weight I've not been in 8 years - perhaps a bit ambitious:). Even 2.5 stone off would be good:)


...we're sinking deeper.
Of course Rosiewoo :) Do what you feel is best/right for you. Abstinence is very hard going if the mind isn't ready for it.
The Lite programme once you get into the rhythm of it is very easy, just make sure you measure out your vegetable portion (about 1-2 cereal bowls), and make sure you measure your protein. If you keep those two in check you will lose weight without question!
In fact, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. :D Go get your dresses out from the loft, in about a month or so you will feel fabulous!
I have also heard that my Dr doesn't agree with the programme and won't sign the medical forms:(, but I feel sure the Lite programme is the way to go for me. One weakness is wine - I shall miss that:cry:

I've kept a pair of jeans from my thin days so one day I would fit into them :D I've also bought a new fab pair which I can't squeeze into - yet!!!


...we're sinking deeper.
Yeah... some doctors don't agree with LighterLife, yet they do condone some programmes which are given by Pharmacies which work on similar principles. Then they make some "diet fat reducing" pill available over the counter, which have more side effects than anything good about them - in fact they've just made more people sick than they've helped!
And yet, programmes like LighterLife which are nutritionally balanced (though in my opinion shouldn't be done for longer than 6 months at a time) are shunned... It's ridiculous, doctors need to see some results first-hand and then say whether they want to sign forms off or not.
In fact my boyfriend's doctor wasn't sure about signing him onto LL, but when he saw the results after the programme, he didn't doubt it again!!

He may have changed his mind about it now but I'd rather not ask him. You're right about the diet pills though - they can do alot of harm yet they are so easily available. I've tried some but they're such a waste of money and don't work. Although LLL is expensive, from what I can see, it works so worth every penny.

Roll on next week till I hopefully begin my LLL journey.

Minerva - you've done so well!!


...we're sinking deeper.
Thank you Rosie :) I was on the complete abstinence plan for 9 months last year, and was a little naughty over Christmas :eek: Now I've gone back to reach my target (which I never reached originally) on Lite... I must admit though, my losses are very slow... But hey, it's all going in the right direction!
Most people on this plan do lose 2-4 lbs per week. :) It's not too expensive in the long-run because you won't be buying quite a few items for yourself anymore that cost quite a lot (alcohol, fresh fruit, any other treats) ... just vegetables and meat! Lol :) You will be ok.

Newbie questions

He may have changed his mind about it now but I'd rather not ask him. You're right about the diet pills though - they can do alot of harm yet they are so easily available. I've tried some but they're such a waste of money and don't work. Although LLL is expensive, from what I can see, it works so worth every penny.

Roll on next week till I hopefully begin my LLL journey.

Minerva - you've done so well!!
Hi from me too, I found this forum as I am looking at joining Lighter Life and go for my information meeting next Sunday.

I saw what Rosiewoo wrote about her doctor not signing the form and am worried mine won't either if he doesn't believe in it. I have about 15 stone to lose but am lucky in that up to now I don't have any major medical probs except for high blood pressure which is being treated. Obviously losing weight will help that. I have been a yo yo dieter for years and years. I have a couple of friends who did Lighter Life and did amazingly well and as it's either this or a gastric band, I need to try this first. Up until 10 years ago I used to be a heavy smoker and found it relatively easy to give up an hour at a time and wouldn't dream of smoking now. I thought maybe LL could be similar in that I give up past foods that made me this way and the habit of reaching for them too. I want to lose weight but also learn the right way to eat for my body and not my brain!

Of course, not going to the group/meeting yet I am confused over the initials used here like LLL and LL and so on, can someone please explain them to me?

I am sure once I start I will be here quite a lot as this is the best forum I have seen to do with this and so positive too.

At the end of it all, my mum said as a treat she'll pay to have the stretched skin removed as I am nearly 60 so obviously exercise won't get rid of it all. I am hoping my counsillor will know where is the safest place to go for that. Just hope my face won't go all droopy as well. Right now when people guess my age the oldest guess has been 47 because the fat plumps it up I guess.

Thanks for all your shares everyone, very empowering!

Hey Marlene,
Congrats on making the decision to do something for yourself - you definitely have the right attitude with regards learning to eat for your body and not comfort eating etc.
LL is Lighter Life (abstinence, loss approx 1 st per month)
LLL is Lighter Life Lite (1 meal a day, loss approx 7lb to 1 st a month from what I've read).

Whilst I would say LLL is good for those with *less* weight to lose, my personal experience is that LL is easier with less temptation. When I know I can eat one meal I will talk myself into eating the wrong things or the wrong portions.
When I am in abstinence on LL I know all food is cheating and have a different kind of mindset. It's really about deciding what approach would suit you best, and your consellor will help with that at your information session.

With regards excess skin etc it's really just something to keep in mind when on the programme and moisturise regularly, do some toning exercises and then you are limiting the effects. Some peoples skin springs back magically as they lose, others doesn't - we're all different. Having said that, most people look so fabulous dressed having lost the weight, and it's an individual thing whether what you look like naked or in swimwear is enough an issue to you to make you want surgery.
Some people have successfully been able to have surgery on the NHS, but typically its a postcode lottery and down to having a sympathetic doctor. I'd think that there is a clear argument in that slim and healthy people cost the NHS less than fat, unhealthy people, and so the surgery could be easily justified. I really wouldn't worry about it now though - it shouldn't affect your decision to do this for yourself or not.
Anyways, welcome to the forum and good luck with whichever LL route you go for!
Thank you for the information and supportive feedback Isie, that makes sense. I agree I would be better off, at least at first to stick to LL food/drinks only. Over and over again I have tried another diet which meant I could eat as much as I liked of carbie type foods OR eat as much as I like of meat and fish etc and limit other things. Pretty soon I was mixing both (which I believe you can now just to confuse things even more for a compulsive eater like me), then eating more of the stuff that should be limited and soon eating as much as I liked of anything...guess what? weight gain again!

Since 1997 I have been a member of an organisation similar to AA where you work 12 steps and follow a plan of abstinence. I lost 7 stone on that and set up a group in our town. Did really well. Then 2 sad deaths, one my dad and a little grandson now 4 who has nearly died many times with his heart condition...many nights with hubby driving to the hospital in London, eating hospital food, sitting about, and soon the years of work disappeared and the weight piled back on and then some.

I am going to use this plan (if doc will sign the form) to get my astinence back and work my 12 steps again as well as whatever the program offers by way of support. Just hope he signs.
Oh yes, I've tried and failed on the red and green days too!!

It may be that you are a carb addict (I am) and the more carbs you eat the hungrier you get making it almost impossible to diet using food.
I was only able to recognise my trigger foods through self-reflection whilst in abstinence - it gives a clarity to your thoughts and helps you think about food dispassionately.
I'm eating, but I am not there yet, and I acknowledge I will always have a complex relationship with food. However this recognition now means that when I do binge or otherwise fall off the wagon, at least I can recognise what I am doing, and think about it rationally instead of feeling guilty, self-loathing and then bingeing again!
Sounds like you have made a decision and it sounds like abstinence is the way for you.
I am sorry to hear of the family incidents which have led to you regaining weight. But, you know you have it in you to lose it, and you will be successful again. The secret to success is picking yourself up again and not being defeated by circumstances.
Keep in touch as you progress with your plan, and remember to seek inspiration and encouragement from the forum as well as to offer it to others as you succeed yourself!

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