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newcomer! sorta anxious

Hey you guys! I've done my research on this (probably overdid it) and i found this forum very helpful with regards to information on orlistat and how people do while using it. Thanks for that!

So after much thought i've finally bought a month's prescription. I'm planning on starting slow with just one dose per day, preferably at night. Im a med student and im in clinics all day so can't afford to have any of those world-famous 'orange' moments in public:p

A single dose a day should also be helpful too right? With some amount of diet control and SOME exercise? (routine doesnt really cater to a lot of free time that can be given to exercise)

Going for a swim right now, will check weight on way back and post here so i can keep track.

Wish me luck!
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Welcome Moqar,

take 3 tablets a day with meals.....drink plenty of water, when you look at food packets under the bit that says per 100g don't go over 5g fat...you won't suffer side affects then :)
Here is a link that has lots of info as well as low cal foods Xenical (Home Page)

we stick to a low cal/fat diet.......in-between meals have snacks such as fruit, snack a jacks things that are low in fat
when eating carbs have smaller portions ie: pasta (dry weight) 50-75g, rice 40g (dry weight) potatoes 150g

trim all fat off meat

I am sure you will be fine hun let me know

thank you for the kind words booboocraig! just took my first dose with a serving of cooked rice. I'll try and venture having some of my regular meals in lesser amounts just to see how much side effects i get - and also to see how much fat those meals had. I'll alter the meals that need to be altered then.

Todays weight was 205lb! lets see where this gets me.
I agree make healthy choices then you won't have any accidents so to speak... Personally I think 3 a day is a must then it's constantly in your system x

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
good luck hun - i've been on zenical for 3 weeks now and no accidents so dont worry too much .

i only take 2 tablets a day and am losing weight nonetheless.

let us know how you go :)
Thanks for all the good luck wishes you guys.. but its my second day and im already flaking on my diet :(

I ate low-fat food all day, but at night i was stuck with this friend who wanted to eat out and i ended up eating two club sandwiches and a handful of fries! I thought i'd get back to my room and suffer the consequences after my nightly dose of orlistat.. but my FRIEND (lets call him THE most clingy person on the planet) followed me into my room and just lied down!:O I was hoping he would leave within one hour but he didnt.. I was too embaressed to take the med infront of him, being medical students we all know what orli is.

So second day, first blunder, ate fatty food with no meds, no exercise :-/

BUT i suppose i have a long way to go, such mishaps are bound to happen.. right?:S

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
it will take you a week or two to get into the swing of this new way of life .

once you have read a few labels and found out just how much fat is in some of the things we all eat you will be able to make better choices when you eat out.

just start afresh tomorrow hun - if you really want it you will get there xx

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