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Hi everyone!

This is such a good site - so much support.
I started the Cambridge Diet last Thursday - this is Day 3 and I seem to be coping ok at the moment apart from all the weeing:eek:
Can anyone let me know how long this goes on for? Seem to be weeing for England! I'm drinking 4 litres a day and I certainly feel better even in 3 days. My CD counsellor worked out my BMI which was 49:eek: - I was quite shocked by that and was glad that I started when I did. I suffer from polycystic overy syndrome which makes it 100 times harder to lose weight - no I'm not making it an excuse:D! I would like to lose about 8 stone.

Anyway just wanted to introduce myself and say hello:)

Must go - toilet beckons again!!!

Sassy xx
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Hi Sassy, welcome to the board. I have found loads of support reading through these threads. I am becoming addicted.
I started CD 6 days ago and already feel a big difference. I'm afraid i can't answer the weeing question but i'm sure someone will be along to advise you soon.

Good luck
hi welcome..

you have defo made the right choice..

I to have pcos.... and low carb is defo the way to go.. this diet is even better cus then we dont crave even more foods when we do eat!

good luck for your journey...
Hi Guys

Thanks for the welcome and good luck. I did a sneaky weigh in this morning and I think I've lost about 10lbs already and its only my 3rd day - know I should have waited for my weekly weigh in but I couldn't wait!

Can anyone tell me how I get the ticker on the bottom of my posts please?


Sassy xx
Welcome to Minimins Sassy :) Good luck with your weight loss. Post here often, the support is great, I don't think I'd be able to do this diet without Minimins!
Welcome to Minis and CD Sassy and good luck on this fantastic journey. The weeing does get better.... promise!!

Hiya Sassy and welcome to minimins and good luck on your weight loss journey!!!! lol i'm on wk 15 and i'm still peeing for england is quite embarrassing when i'm doing home visits and have to ask to use their loo but yet ho it's all good :)
Hi Sassy and welcome!

I have PCOS too - I find it extremely difficult to lose weight, however on CD I have lost 25lbs in 4 weeks, which I find unbelievable!

I don't seem to need to wee quite as much - I only need to get up once per night rather than every 2 hours lol

Stick to it and your weight will drop off - come on here whenever you need support, it's fab reading all the inspirational stories

Corinne x
Thanks everyone for the welcoming and support.

Feel a bit under the weather today - think the weeing is getting me down a bit :sigh: but I am not giving up and I will keep going!

Weigh in on Wednesday - can't wait to see how much I have lost. I definately feel lighter!

Sassy xx
Hi Sassy

Stick with it as it can take a while for your bladder to adjust, you will still wee more frequently that normal but it should settle down to something manageable. Only other thing I can suggest is make sure you are sipping your water slowly and constantly through the day as glugging it down will make it go straight through and the weeing worse!



Loving the Cambridge Diet
Don't worry, your BMI will soon drop! Mine was over 52 when I started and within a couple of pounds will be under 40

Cambridge is fabulous!

PCOS sufferers have the same success with CD as the rest of us.

Enjoy your journey!
sassy I'm day 13 and am pleased to say that the weeing thing has definatly calmed down thank god! To be honest though when I was peeing for england It made me feel as if all the access water my body's been hanging on to all this time was going and i felt much less bloated. I've got around 8 stone to loose too so we'll have to keep in touch and support each other ey! xx
Thanks Porgeous for your advice I will give that a go.

I feel really tired today but am getting bursts of feeling spaced out - really weird. Food has not been bothering me up till today - my partner is obviously needing to eat "normally" so the smell of food is getting to me today:sigh: and I think that I maybe getting a period after not having one for the last 6 months! Its funny how just a small amount of weight loss can make things go sort of back to normal:confused:
Partner is cooking as we speak and I feel really hungry but I am fighting it and will go and do something to occupy me before going to bed. This is soooo hard but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end:)

Katief - thank you for your reply. How much have you lost so far? Yes it would be great to keep in touch so we can support each other. I need all the support I can get!

Thanks again to everyone who has replyed to my thread - I really do appreciate all the support:)
Hiya darl, I've lost 14lb's so far! well pleased.
The first time i tried cd my ex was here and he ate for england, we've just split (which I'm devastated about) but it's making it so much easier for me to stick to this, i still ave to cook for my little boy but i do him a lot of fish which i can't eat which helps. Just think to yourself this is only for a while then when your at your goal you can enjoy all the food he is (within reason) and you'll feel bloody fantastic about yourself!! this site is so fab; I;m becomming obsessed!! you go girl, we'll soon be lovely and slim xxx
That's a great weight loss Katie - keep going!

Know what you mean about becoming obsessed with this site but its good to speak to other pepole that are going through the same thing as you.

I'm off to wash my hair now and then off to bed.

Night Night xx

Sassy xx


Silver Member
Hi Sassy, welcome to minimins and good luck with your Cambridge journey, my bmi was 49 when i started and now after 20 weeks it's down to 33. The first week is pretty tough but stick with it, it does get easier x :)
That's great Eva - seeing your weight loss is real motivation to keep going. Thanks. x

Feeling a bit headachy today and have started a period - I'm hoping it won't affect my weigh in tomorrow night. Must admit though I don't feel as bloated as I used to, just have a slight backache and feel a bit moody:sigh:. I am struggling slightly with the diet today and I think its because of the period - I really wanted something to eat yesterday evening while I was watching TV but I didn't give in. I've got a real bad ulcer come up on my tongue as well - I'm right in the wars at the moment:cry:

Sorry about the depressing post - just needed to offload!

Sassy xx :needhug:
Welcome to Minimins Sassy!!!

This site is fantastic for support and advice when you need it.
The weeing does return to semi-normality after a couple of weeks!!

Keep it up!!


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