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Niamhs Diary


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Ok after 7 weeks on Lipotrim it is high time I started a diary!!

I started 7 weeks ago weighing in at a whooping 18st10lbs. I was fed up dragging around so much extra weight and felt really depressed. I usually have a bubbly personallity but felt recently that I was avoiding social situations and really unable to talk to people. No matter how much I told myself (and others) that my weight didnt bother me, I was drowning in a sea of fat!!!!

So the idea of Lipotrim popped into my head on Sunday night (18th Apr) and got up on Mon morn, rang chemist and started on the same day.

So here I am, 7 weeks later, weighing in at 15st4lbs. 3st6lbs lighter. I cant really believe it. I feel sooooo much better about myself. I still have a way to go but I feel like my old self (nearly).

I have had good days and bad days. I am taking it week to week. Trying not to look at being on this for months but rather seeing how I get on each weigh in and deciding then to go on or not. I have to say it hasnt entered my head yet not to get another weeks supply. It seems to be working for me!!!!

Anyhoo, enough for now

Niamh xxx
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Oooh am so happy you started a diary!! (because Im so nosey :p).

So much of what you've said rings a bell with me - that stage of not wanting to go to social occasions etc.. also the part being back to "yourself" - I COMPLETELY understand.

Ive said it before and Ill say it again :D You have done absolutely amazing!! I cant believe your losses and am so, so delighted for you.

Looking forward to keeping an eye on you.. xx mwah!


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Ah thanks sweetness,

I suffer with the nosiness gene too lol!!!

I just found your refeed diary. You are doing really well hun. How are you feeling now? Are you doing better now that you are eating real food?

Are you nervous about your exam results tomorrow???? (see told you I was nosy!!!)

Niamh xxx


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bless you!, cant believe you remembered. Am nervous to be honest, I didnt even realise I was until I woke quite a few times last night with them on my mind (and typically, last night was the first night in ages that ds decided to sleep throughout the whole night!!). Will know tomorrow at 12.

Refeed is going great, dont know myself, I know I started a day early but think the decider was my mam came down to mine to weigh in Mon morning (shes doing ww), she lost 4lbs this week and last, I lost 3 so I said "ah feck this!!". I think I was just waaaay too miserable on it - some react so, so well to it (like you missy!), Im just a miserable sod. Excited now though.

I heard someone else say how they decide to keep going with LT week to week as opposed to setting month long sessions - think that is so sensible.


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Hun you are not a miserable sod!!! Far from it. You got a great kick start to your weight loss and thats exactly what you were doing it for. You lost 15lbs in 3 weeks and that is great. This diet is god damn hard and to tell the absolute truth if I wasnt getting such big losses I dont think I would be enjoying it at all. In fact I probably wouldnt still be on it. It just seems to suit me.
Best of luck for tomorrow. Wont you let me know how you get on???

Looking for bit of advise from you now. I didnt get appoint yet for my ultrasound and was going to ring the hosp to see what the story is. What do you think???

Niamh xxx


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Definately do, Niamh, from working there I know that more often than not your file is under a pile on the desk somewhere and you'll get your appointment quicker if you bring it to someones attention. Id go so far as saying, if it were me, id be ringing every couple of days til I receive it. Are you worrying? are you ok? I think its the waiting round thats almost the worst bit.

Flew exams!!!! received honours in both!!! cant explain how delighted I am. Thank you so much for being interested, your so sweet xxx


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Woke up this morning with a banging headache. Cant seem to shift this cold. Cant even take a take a cough bottle. Aww poor me lol.

So yesterday was a bit of a funny one. Woke up feeling really positive and good about life. Was going to take my nephew for a walk in his buggy but it pee'd rain all day. Went to town with my sister and I had promised my other nephew to bring him to Burger King. OMG I nearly cried with the smells and pics of all the burgers etc. Fast food is my real weakness. But I resisted. It was really hard though. That was my first time since I started LT that I went into one of those places. Was kinda proud of myself!!!!

Nikki hun, I am so thrilled for you. How amazing are you.... flying in your exams and being pregnant and missing some of the course!!! Well done chic you must be so chuffed with yourself.

I rang the hosp yesterday. I was expecting to be attacked for ringing them but I have to say the girl couldnt have been nicer. Got app for Fri 18th and have to go back to Gyne on Mon 21st so TG I rang. She told me if I hadnt rang then I wouldnt have got app til after my Gyne app and would have meant more waiting. They are really lovely in that hosp so much nicer than a midland hosp I used to go to when I lived at home (before married).
I'm not too worried just a bit anxious to get it over with now to see what the story is.
Thanks for all your support Nikki. It really means a lot!

How is the refeed going? Day 4 now???

Niamh xxx


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Am so delighted that you got your appointment - thats tomorrow week? excellent. :)

I think you are fantastic for going to BK - honestly Niamh, you have some amount of self control and determination, girl - there is no way I could have done that on tfr - when I think of the amount of social invitations I turned down during it, it was ridiculous really nevermind sitting in a "restaurant" like that - you really, really, really DESERVE these losses - my God your putting in the work. What a lovely aunty you are too!! will you be mine??:D

Yep, day 4 - going fantasic, dont know myself but am not going to go on about that here, God knows its tough enough without me ranting on about food.

So, I was thinking, have you thought about what your going to do when your at goal (cos the way your going you wont feel it!)? are you going to maintain by being really sensible with healthy eating etc.. or go to a club like ww or sw? I would love to be able to "just" eat healthy, unfortunately I need a cut off limit - i.e. when my ww points are finished I cant eat anymore. End of. Silly really at my age...

Well done again missy.


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Well done for ringing, a lot of people would just sit back and wait......at least you have an appointment.
Hope all goes well.....xx
Well done Niamh!


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Thanks Sonya and Sheepy.

Nikki, Funnily I have been thinking about this for the past few days. I am thinking of doing maybe a GL diet afterwards. Irish Molly is on it and seems to be doing really well. I dont really know what to do though. Will I go all the way to goal weight and then maintain???? Or maybe come off slightly short (@12st) and then diet sensibly to get to 10st??? Its so hard to know as I know I am far from cured of my love of food...... Decisions Decisions!!!!!!!

Oh yeah.... You now have to refer to me as Auntie Niamh from now on Nikki. Or if you prefer Nee Nee!!!!! lol. If you are a good girl I'll bring you to Burger King too (for a salad of course lol)

Niamh xxx


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:angel09:I promise Ill be good!!. LOL at Nee Nee - adorable!.

Im so stupid - low GI - isnt that low carb?

I dont know Niamh, (about when to go off LT) I think its very personal to each individual. Of course, ideally, I would have LOVED to stay on LT til I got to goal (10 stone too!!) - for the obvious reason that I would have got there sooo much quicker BUT no, for ME, I was too miserable, when I balanced the pros and cons - even though the weight bothers me so much its unbearable and I want it gone - spirling into a depression and being exhausted and cranky didnt weigh up to it - I think this is what you need to do, weigh up the pros and cons.

That said, I think you and I have coped completely different - LT is clearly not for me but seriously, Niamh - you seem to be coping amazingly well - really brilliant - for that reason Id probably say stick with it.

Oh God, on the other hand, when your 12 stone your going to be in alot smaller sizes and feeling pretty good so you might be as happy as larry to switch to slower losses.

I think it depends on how long its actually doable for you, I know there are some on here who, regardless of social activities coming up plod along - but I couldnt, I've weddings etc, then college again in September and back to work in November, I personally couldnt be on a VLCD, so have you much on coming up??

SORRY!!! Im really rambling on.....


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Nikki, GL diet is like a low carb diet I think!!! I have to get some books on it and do some research.

I have a wedding in Oct so I will definately be off LT by then. I am thinking though if I get to 12 stone and try to lose the remaining 2 stone by eating healthy then it might be better as I will be learning to eat in a healthy way (does that make sense???)

I am really terrified of going back to my old ways. My trip to BK really opened my eyes. I was drooling and thinking oh I cant wait til I can eat in here. I shouldnt be thinking that! It kinda unnerved me to be honest.

Maybe something like WW where i have a structure and know I can only eat a certain number of points. Also I would be weighed every week and have the support of the WW leader.

I have a bit of time yet to decide so I have a lot of thinking to do!!!!!

Niamh xxx


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Feeling a bit down in the dumps today. I'm just a bit peed off in general. I miss food I guess and am annoyed with myself for allowing myself to get to this state that I have to do TFR!

On a positive note my size 16 jeans are starting to feel a bit loose. People are really noticing the weight loss too.

I know I shouldnt be weighing myself everyday but I do. Anyway I was 15st 4lbs at my last offical weigh in and every morning this week I weighed in at 15st4lbs which means I hadnt lost anything but this morning I was 15st even. So thats brilliant too.

Hope I snap out of this black mood soon.

Niamh xxx


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We all have our down moments....its all part of the journey, you are doing so well so dont give up heart......it will be soooooo worth it.

Go in the arcade and try to get some high scores like me........keep strong ...you CAN do this xx


Back on the diet train...
hey hun just found your diary. :).

i can relate with alot of what you said, especially how you started. i suddenly got fed up with how i was feeling down all the time and decided to start lipotrim. this was on a monday and i started the next day. 6 weeks later and im 29lb down and 2 dress sizes!! :D

i agree with you taking it week by week hun that way it wont seem like such a daunting task. ive got alot to lose and if i think long term i panic!! :eek::eek:

also in terms of when to refeed i think you should see how you feel closer to the time. i want to get to 11 stone on tfr then carry on if i still feel like it but im going to follow WW once i go back to eating. like nikki said its the control and knowing that no points left means no food. :8855:

i hope you feeling better today. ive had some black moods lately for no reason, just one of those things i guess but im feeling more up beat today and i hope you do to.

you have done really well so far (especially going to BK. :girlpower:) and you are always so positive and supportive hun. keep smiling, keep drinking and good luck hun!!

:bunnydance::bunnydance::bunnydance: some dancing bunnies to make you chuckle!!! :D:p


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Hi all,

I have been feeling really down the last few days and I couldnt really figure out what was up with me. I wasnt really hungry or annoyed with LT but just feeling so depressed.
I had a good long chat with my mammy and she knew by me that something was really up. I was telling her how I am fed up being fat. She said its more than that cause you are doing really well and soing something about that. So she started asking me if it was anything to do with this scan I have to have on Friday.

I need to have a scan on my ovaries to see if I have cysts. I have been married 3 years and although we are not "trying" as such, we are not doing anything to stop getting pregnant. The gyne also mentioned endometriosis.

So although I was thinking I am not worried about it. I obviously am. I do have a tendancy to bottle things up and bury my head in the sand about things. Claiming I dont worry about things but if I am honest I am worried. Well not worried but a bit anxious.

So after a long heart to heart with the mammy (God bless Mammies!!!!). I am feeling tons better. She knew what was wrong with me even when I didnt know myself. I feel like the black cloud of doom has lifted. I was a bit worried about myself cause I am really honestly never like that.

Bex. Thank you so much for listening and being there for me. You and your bunnies!!!! And thanks to Bex's mammy for her words of wisdom!!!! Where would be without our mammies???

Sonya, Thank you too sweetheart. You are always so kind and encouraging. You are right. I CAN do this!!! With help and support with all of my new minimins friends I CAN!

Love you all lots and lots

Niamh xoxox
Hi Niamh, hope you are feeling better in yourself now.
Please try not to worry, although I know how hard it is not to.
I had a huge ovarian cyst (and one ovary) removed when I was 21. Worried I might struggle to get pregnant afterwards, but at 33, and 17 stone, thought we'd try and now have a little girl who will be 4 in August.
My mum was married for 13 years and trying before she got pregnant with me.
Hopefully your scan will put your mind at rest. Will keep my fingers crossed for you on Friday.
Love and hugs,


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Hey Fiona,

Thank you hunny, you are so kind... and a becon of hope. THank you for sharing that with me.
I generally am not a worrier. I'm not really worried but am just anxious I suppose (lol same thing). I know what will be will be.
My mum and I had a good old heart to heart and it took her 4 years to get pregnant with her first. She said she didnt get pregnant easily at all. My sister on the other hand gets pregnant if her husband looks at her funny!!!! lol. (She only has 3 kids so slight exageration).

Also and this is TMI... I will prob need an internal scan as have a bit of a tummy ok ok a lot of a tummy and I am DREADING that. I dont relish the thought of a stranger rummaging around down there. This from me who wants to get pregnant and the baby would have to get out somehow..... lol

Niamh xxx
Please don't worry, you will be fine. Had such an enormous belly when I was expecting Megan that my first scan was really faint.
Had to go back a week later as I started bleeding a little bit and they did an internal scan, and it was fine. Got some lovely pictures of the little horror as well! Just think of it as something you have to get through, like the lipotrim. It will all be worth it in the end. By the time I had Megs, it felt like half of Cornwall had peered at my bits!
I think my email addy is on my profile if you want a chat :) Will keep everything crossed for you, hunny.

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