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Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi. I only have 37 days to go on CD until my holidays. I know I am not going to reach my 10st 7lb target by then (need to lose 1st 1.5lb) but I really want to get as close as possible. I thought it would get easier as the holiday got nearer. For example, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am counting days rather than weeks IYKWIM. I was thinking I could not wait until June, becasue I could see July from there :D.

Anyway, I am beginning to nibble. I have cheated in the past, nearly always on a few prawns here, a small tin of salmon there - but never just nibbled and picked. People are noticing my weight loss and complimenting me (which is nice), but it is making me more relaxed about the diet. I have just set up a buffet in work for my boss, and I have had 3 chicken pakora's, 3 cubes of cheese and 2 salted peanuts. I am getting weighted tonight!!!!!!!!!!

How can I stop nibbling? How can I get into the frame of mind of being 100% for the next 37 days:cry::cry::cry:
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Dont worry Mia we are all guilty of this at some point other than the special people who somehow do CD 100% till the end (hats off to them lot!) But dont feel too bad just drink your water and lesson learned not to do it again.

I know my advice is probs rubbish, but why dont you try on your holiday clothes or swim wear and that usually spurs me on to lose as i always have parts of my body i think hmmm i wish i was a bit slimmer here or there.. and just think if you stick 100% from now until your hol, 1 stone is possible in 37days even if you dont get the full stone just think if i still 100% i can be as close as possible and ill look even better in those holiday clothes! Those little nibbles dont feel as good as being slim on holiday does :)
I think as this is such an extreme diet the closer we get to target or the more comfortable we start feeling in our own skin the harder it is to stay 100% motivated i know that now i am size 12 and people are saying wow you look so nice and healthy my motivation has gone out the window
So i take each day at a time and try my hardest to complete it 100% ... if i do put something in my mouth in a moment of weakness i have learnt to chew and spit it out ( not that you could do that at work ) i also think eww didn’t taste as good as i hoped that stops any more nibbles
Dont think negative towards your goal i do think it is possible so go at it full steam ahead you can do it !!


loving life
Hi Mia, I have always done this in this past ie when people start complementing me on losing weight I start to get a little too relaxed and start to sideline. But I have never done cd before now and find it great as there is no food involved so I can't be lax.

So I think maybe if like Amanda suggest's above that you put today and the past picking behind you and start again with the thought of your goal in mind and the fact that you can be 100% if you don't even let the picking start and start a fresh. It's so hard if you think you have totally blown it, it just spiralls and you think what the hell I may as well carry on picking but Mia you havn't blown it, you have done so well and are so close so try starting tomorrow in a new frame of mind and go for it. You are gonna have a fab holiday and feel great about yourself too. You can do it hun.
Good luck. Zoe xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks girls. I am in a 14 bottom and 12 top now so I do feel better and I think I am becoming lax becasue I now think "hey, you will look ok if you go on holiday now" - but in my heart I want to look "nice" not "ok". I think I punish myself too much sometimes. I think I will start my own little daily 100% diary, just for me, so I can record how my day has been and if I have managed 100%. I keep saying to myself "For Gods sake Miriam, you've only got 37 days left" - although I do have to get back on the wagon when I come home to get down to 9.5st


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I've always been a nibbler too, and buffets are so hard, aren't they?! :eek: (The food portions seem so small and unimportant - until you add them up, eek! :eek:)

I'm on 810 now, and if I find myself nibbling, I switch back to SS+ (Option 1) the next day - 4 CD meals is a fairly good punishment for dallying away the few calories I actually have, and the only way forward is to retrain my brain! :sigh:

It's hard, it's difficult, it's mind-wrenching, it can be disappointing - but the only way we can handle it is in our way, which suits US! You will find a way round it, I'm sure - and if you do have an 'off' day, just write it off and remind yourself that you're human - then think about tomorrow and how much better that will be! :) (Even if it's two steps forward and one step back - you've still got that brilliant, fantastic, amazing step forward to pat yourself on the back for! :D)


Skinny girl in a fat body
It is VERY difficult, I will put this down to a bad day. Like I said before I have cheated in the past but very litte. Today has been my worst day so far. I am supposed to be going to get weighed tonight but I might not go. Once I get on the scales and have put weight on I will be disheartened


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Once I get on the scales and have put weight on I will be disheartened
Don't be! I put on 1½lbs the week I started SS+ - then lost 6¾lbs the next week. (And guess which was my 'nibbling' week? The second one! ;))

You can't really predict what your body will do. Your cheating isn't really that bad - you may find it makes no difference at all. If it does, then you've learned a lesson - and if it doesn't, then breathe a sigh of relief! ;) Clairvoyancy doesn't work on CD - and a plateau is a plateau! Weight loss or gain can be due to many things, so don't be too quick to blame your nibbles! :)
Mia go and get yourself weighed tonight as you have been 100% for all the rest of the week and this afternnons blip shouldnt affect it that much.

It may help spur you on seeing the scales and then maybe do a week of SS+ and it may put you off nibbling knowing you can have something 'legally'.

Also look on my thread from Monday entitled 'help needed from peopl on CD long term or a CDC' I think - I will try and find it and bump it up for you mainly becasue KD has some amazing advice on it that I think may help you to read.

But if it makes you feel any better we are all feeling the same at the moment!

Will be back in a bit



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Someone has this as their signature quote:

"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

I try to use it often to keep me focussed. I'm on day 8 and so far have been doing great.
I tried on clothes last night that fitted me last year and whilst they are wee bit on the tight side, they are much closer to fitting than only 8 days ago.
You may not lose all the weight in 37 days but you could certainly have nearly a stone off.
Good luck and have a fantastic holiday.


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Don't beat yourself up is the main thing! And I would agree that you should get weighed this evening, if only as a measure for next week.

I am by nature a picker, and recently my OH has stopped doing SS with me and has started eating low carb meals again as he has reached his target. It is so hard now that there is food in the house and it takes a lot of conscious thought not to put food in my mouth.

But I just focus on the end goal, I know I don't want to do this diet again, I want to get to the end as quickly as possible, and that I can and have done this for the past 8 weeks or so - and if that fails I imagine it is has fallen on the floor or is covered in peanut butter which totally puts me off!


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Mia- big hugs! I know how hard you have found it, but think how well you have done lately. It isn't that long ago that you were nibbling every day, the last few weeks you've been 100%. Thats a brilliant achievement for a serial nibbler like you or I. Get weighed tonight (in fact, are you there now?), whatever the outcome, get back on track tomorrow. Just 37 more days and you WILL be 1 stone lighter. Keep positive, you really can do it. Feeling weak- text me!

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