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Nice Weekend???


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my weekend hasn't been too bad... went to the Twenty20 cricket with OH on Friday night, which was really good, even though the smell of pints, burgers and chips nearly killed us lol...

yesterday was more of a lazy afternoon cos of all the rain, but had a 2 hour driving lesson in the morning and then went to Au Naturelle and bought some canvases and bath mats for downstairs bathroom and ensuite...

the only thing that is really bothering me is, yesterday i felt like i was coming down with tonsilitis, gradually felt i was getting worse during the day, a friend at work went home on monday with tonsilitis and wonder if i caught it from her...

anyway i was up at 4, my throat felt like it had closed completely, bad head and felt really achy and sick... so subsequently i rang in sick to work today....

i don't feel too bad now, had ibuprofen so don't feel too bad... but i dunno whether to phone work again tomorrow and get to the docs incase i need anti-biotics... i'm off work on tuesday anyway... so do i go to the docs tomorrow just to check, therefore giving me time to recover properly for being back at work on wednesday, or do i just go to work???

my main concern is, at work they have absence plans they put you on if your off work so many times in so long...

this is my third absence since i started in December, so wondering if i should just go to work to save hassle...

pure waffle, but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated... :eek::p:eek: xxx
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I suffer with recurring tonsilitis unfortunately so I get it and then a few weeks later I get it again. If you get a torch and look down your mouth, and you see white spots or white blister type spots on your tonsils you will have tonsilitis. I also find that I cannot move my neck easily when I get it. If you do have go to the docs and get some meds. take care xx


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to be honest id just go to work!
i only say this cos if your anything like me you will just be wittling about it to urself thinking the worst til wednesday!

i mean if you really feel you cant go in then dont, but if your not too bad just go in cos if you feel bad during the day you can always go home!


Fab & Fit For Florida
i haven't got any white spots, just very red tonsils... and that bit that hangs from the top is swollen as hell

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