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Nicest thing someone has said to you whilst on LT?


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Hey guys!
Gosh its so hard to start posting again when ive been gone so long, plus there are loads of new people!
Thought id start a little nice thread :)

What is the 2 nicest things someone has said to you whilst on this diet?

1. I got a wolf whistle from some builders! haha that really made my day.
2. My ex commented on my loss and said i looked nice. - Haha doesnt sound amazing but it really ment alot!.

Your turns! :D
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'Your breath stinks' lol
I was really happy because I asked my friend at work to tell me when it did so I know I am in ketosis and it's working ha ha ha ;)
Trish x


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"Doesn't it look bigger now...." :eek: :D


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old biddie i was caring for said 'can you manage ok' when i was reaching for something, then said 'oh your only a little bit anyway arnt you' :D:D:D:D

still a 14/16 but made my day.

last time i saw pharm he said 'you can tell in your face now that you have lost weight'

although this could mean other things... like:

'shame about the size of your arse love'


'you look really bloody misrible - you must be dieting!'

'Oy fatty... get me my tea' arrr the romance of it :D:D
Mmm, I've had so many nice comments in the last couple of weeks that I can't choose just one!

My sister's reaction was quite scary but she made me feel good by making me stand still while she took photos of my front, backside (no it didn't eclipse the camera!) and side.

In Tesco's yesterday I saw an old student while talking to someone else and she came and found me afterwards and told me I looked amazing! I couldn't stop thanking her and smiling! My teenage daughter thought it was very funny!

When my hubby first told me how proud he was of me xx


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had my 1st venture out to my local pub last sunday, the comments i received over my now shrunk body were great.
the best was when my son walked in, looked at me and carried on through the pub without even recognising me (dress on and high shoes) me that is not the son lol
:rolleyes:I cant put the exact words but one of our doctors shouted down a packed corridor Jen where the flip have you gone your shrinking.. then realised where he was was and that there were patients around !! but it makes up for all the women in work who are choosing not to notice
someone in work said to me today god your trousers are starting to fall off you I was chuffed (think I need new work trousers)
i have had so much negativity about the diet and how quick the weight comes off etc,only a handful of people have said that i am looking good or whatever...a guy i know actually text me last week a few hours after bumping into him in the shop and said that i used to be sexy when i was big but not anymore,i have got too slim, then said that it was nice to see me though ! cheeky git ! makes me mad really but thats his opinion and i dont know how people can say things like that as i am still at top end of healthy bmi and not like i am a stick insect or anything grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

best thing i think would be people on here saying that i am an inspiration etc, makes me feel good knowing that i could help somebody else keep going and perservere with the diet as they see that i am proof that it can be done along with the other fab people on here that are doing so well....people in every day life for whatever reason arent always so positive about it
When my business partner (also on a weight losing crusade - slimmers world) who I had not seen for 2-weeks said to me "you bast***d"!!
Lol TheMilkTrayMan! :)
Most people I know weren't saying anything at all and given that I'd basically not eaten a single thing for over a month I got really down about it. Then... I came clean about what I was doing to a friend at work and she said that she could notice it on my face and my bum lol. Also a friend went on holiday for a month and when he came back he didn't say anything to me but said something to his housemate who told me last week.

Told my OH and explained that it made me so much happier to know that people had noticed and he said 'I noticed!' I asked him why he hadn't said a single word about it and he replied that he noticed really early on and so hadn't wanted to say anything in case I thought he was just saying it. He ended up saying that my weight loss was in fact 'really, really noticeable!' and that is the nicest thing I've been told. It was nice hearing it from my work friends but meant the most coming from J. xx
The day I went to the wedding - i was overwhelmed with all the nice things people were saying to me...

... to be honest I dont think a day goes by that someone doesnt say something really nice to me about what I have achieved - I appreciate every single word! :)


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my boss' bodyguard came out today and when he saw me for the first time in about 6 weeks he said ' u have lost loads of weight, whos the guy????' lol

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