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Nicki's Diary!

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
Thursday 5th

Seemed like a fairly appropriate time to start a dairy, plus i have some spare time having been abandoned for an xbox 360. Coming to the end of day one and actually found it a little hard, before 6pm i had only eaten 10.5 points out of the days 29. But had a lovely korma for tea which was 12. So not doing to bad. Whenever i felt the need to snack i had some cumcumber sticks or some raisins. :clap:
I have also fallen in love this evening, with pink and whites with JAM, yummy.

Being unemplyed sure does put a strain on dieting, esp when the rejection letters come pouring in. Plus actually dragged my bum out of bed at 8.30 to wait for a package that never came. This may seem late to most of you but i was counting ceiling tiles till 4.30. :sigh:
Still haven't found anything to wear but to be honest i haven't been out to look. So i'm going to ASDA tomorrow for clothes and picnic supplies.
OOOO that reminds me, i've noticed something me and my friend are quite excited to have a picnic and have been planning what we can have (she's taking scones and cloted cream :eek:) but the men are like just take sandwichs and crisps. Is it a man thing or am i just over excited about food? might just drop in i specially boughted a pretty picnic basket for the occasion.
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I TOTALLY get it hun!!! I bought the most fabulous traditional style picnic basket this summer and plan my picnics religiously to have everything himself might need when we get to the beach! :) I am a picnicoholic!!! Enjoy yours xxx
Ps With you on the package thingy too...hate having to get up earlier to keep an eye out for the postman!!!

Principessa N

Minimins Addict
Tuesday 10th

Hey ladies, I'm doing better but still cheating. My monthly pass hasn't come yet and i couldn't print the internet one off, so i'm going to get weighed on Saturday instead so i have a few days to repair the damage.
I think the worst thing is i'm just so down about everything makes counting points really annoying. I'm annoyed at myself because i was doing so well. Grrrrrrr i refuse to give up. Anyone on the south coast want to hire me for something? :character00148:

Do you think i should weigh myself? i'm in 2 minds if i've lost it'll spur me on and if i haven't it might spur me on, or it could make me wanna run for the chocolate fudge birthday cake sat in my kitchen mocking me!


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id say wait until saturday to weigh urself as you planned and keep smiling and put in earphones to drown out the sound of the cake and stick two fingers up at it and say hahahaha im winning
You'd be so proud of me, i threw the cake away, didn't even taste it.
Mainly because steve left it out in the morning and i'm a bit of a germ freak and worried about flys, ewwww. I'm really worried about the weigh in.


Likes to eat
Well I think your brilliant (I would have still ate it - flies and all :D) well done! x
You'd be so proud of me, i threw the cake away, didn't even taste it.
Mainly because steve left it out in the morning and i'm a bit of a germ freak and worried about flys, ewwww. I'm really worried about the weigh in.
Ha!!! I'm totally with you, my OH left the rest of the strawberry cheesecake in the fridge and then after cooking his dinner he put an unwrapped onion in there...so as you know how pungent newly cut onions are the whole cheesecake just soaked up the onion smell and taste! I could have kissed him!!! Had to through it all in the bin, best thing that could have happened! :)x
so OH`s do have some use lol i always wondered what they were for
do you know a cuppa sounds like a good idea i can here the green tea calling me lol
Friday 13th

I'll start here with a big sob. Blokee bought home a kfc boneless box and we ate it between 2 of us, now i feel sick, full and lowsy and i really didn't enjoy it, but i hate leaving it because he spent so much money on it. :badmood:
OH but before that i got on my mechanical scales and they say i have put on 7lbs, now granted i didn't check the accuracy when i was first weighed, but they can't be that off.
I'm so not wanting to go tomorrow and i want to quit but i don't want to quit. :raincloud:
I was so motivated when i started but its so hard. No wonder i'm so freaking fat.

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