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Nicki's Maintenance/bit more loss thread

Ok guys I need to do this I'm really struggling to gain control over my food now I'm on the thousand plan. I will warn you food will be mentioned in this diary.

I am finding myself get into that "picking" thing again, and although I don't have anything bad, and having hardly any carbs, I'm constantly picking at protein food.

Sooooooo officially 3lb to goal but after christmas I want to lose another half stone to get to 10 something :)

So I hope this is ok, and dont expect many repklies but I really need to do this.

Ok I have 700 cals a day plus 2 shakes, so this is my plan

breakfast = porridge
mid morn = 100 cals protein
lunch = shake
mid afternoon = 100 cals protein
tea = 400 cal meal (protein and carbs)
evening = 100 cals protein

3-4 ltres water

friday is my works xmas party and I'm having a 3 course meal so will have that, Sat we will have breakfast at the hotel - so will make protein choices as much as poss

Then Sunday we are going out to lunch with friends so again will make protein choices.

I have decided christmas eve we are going to have a chinese (hubbys treat bless him he really wants one and I won't let him yet)

Christmas day not going to pig out on choccies or anything - going to have my full dinner and pud, and meats and salads for tea.

Boxing Day - back to it !

Shred wise - I finish this run on Friday and then I am going to mix the levels for a week and then 27th I am starting again with my hubs doing it with me for another 30 days :)

I am aiming that by the end of January I will be 10st 10lb :D and totally shredded lol

Thank you for reading if you got this far and I understand I won't have many viewers cos of food mention.

Nicki xx
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Go ahead and mention food all you like ;-) You have done so well. Its a great idea to sort out your plan - hopefully it will stop the picking. That shocked me my first week on CD - how much i picked without realising it.

Sounds like a good plan - and enjoy that chinese..drool!
thanks hun :)

just had a poached egg 100cals protein

going to have my porridge at 11am

lunch - have had a tiny tin of tuna - 56 cals and no carbs and some homemade tom soup which works to 100 cals (maybe less) so havn't had shake yet will have tonight after tea :)

sofar today approx 300 cals plus one pack

:) and no picking :)

you've got a really interesting new take on the 1000 plan :) i'll be following it with interested to see how it goes and what choices you make etc i've always just stuck to what it said in the book but it can get boring. i sort of did the same as 810 but added in some fruit, dropped to the 2 shakes etc
right yesterday I had my 700 cals and my two packs had mainly protein so not many carbs - I'm trying to use the atkins approach of keeping under 20g carbs. I "feel" as if I'm still losing weight but we'll see.

At work today so just taking my shake for lunch as normal and a boiled egg to have as a snack. I'm trying to stay in the mindset that I still cant eat at work lol.

I think I'm well out of ketosis now but not sure really as still got metal mouth but not as bad.

Ooh its scary this eating lark lol x
Today I have had 2 mini omelettes with prawns and a tiny bit of cheese and 2 boiled eggs so bit of an egg overload oops but all proteins and less than 700 cals :) plus my two packs x

Feeling good :) :)

going to do shred in a bit and if I'm feeling brave might do 10 minutes pilates on my abs ooh err
ok so have my works christmas party tonight - I have had my shake this morning, have my porridge for lunchtime and then about 3 oclock going to have a mini omelette (made with one egg in a little microwave omelette maker) with a touch of cheese to keep me going until tonight. Meal is at 8 and going to stick to as much protein as poss and maybe a couple of spritzers.

Hopefully won't affect me too much x
how did it go? hope you had a good time. i've got my party tonight with hubby, just the 2 of us. looking forward to it, but dreading the eating part. i'll be drinking so i need to eat some carbs today to knock me out of ketosis. only a couple of drinks, if i can mange that much :)
you are coping so well - how did the party go?
well I started off really well by having a rose spritzer with soda water. I ate my pate starter which is high protein then my veg and turkey - only had one roast potato, did eat my pudding which was a fruit tart thing (really tiny) then had a pint of water. But it all sort of went to pot and ended up having 4 small baileys, 2 vodka and soda's and 4 zambuccas lol and then had 2 milk tray chocs and 4 of these other little chocs oops


had the most fantastic night ever - I was so drunk lol and had a ball so I really don't care if I put weight on this week I wore my size 12 dress and felt a million dollars so sod it ! I had breakfast at hotel - some scrambled egg, grilled tom, grilled sausage and mushrooms but didn't have the toast and croissants and muffins that I would of normally had aswell so I am v proud of myself. I have just had my shake and will shred later dispite the hangover so all in all pretty good x

oh and see the photo - this made my day :)
Hi Nicki

You've really done so well and it's great to read about what food will work on the other side of SS so I am interested to see how you get on with it all. Sounds like you had a ball last night:) you deserve it.

Happy shredding!!
yesterday was like something from the night of the living dead - I was soooooo hungover and ill - but I am so proud of myself cos normally I would eat every comfort food in sight but I didn't I ate protein only - and my shakes and about 3 litres of water.

Today I am having a roast dinner and I'm going to enjoy it - not going to have loads of carbs and its the onyl thing I will eat, had my porridge for break and will have shake for tea

I have decided that after tomorrows weigh in I am going to do one shake and 850 cals (to make my 1000) for christmas week and then have a week SS+ before my next weigh in (as won't be weighed for 2 weeks) so at least if I put on over christmas I can claw it back the next week :)

Dreading tomorrows weigh in - I feel flabby today as havn't shred for 2 days - but will be shredding today so fingers crossed for at least a STS week I'll be over the moon with that just hope I dont put on after all the alcohol ! but if I do then so be it - cant be perfect all the time lol x

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