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Nicks Back, and determined this time!

OK Ive put on 15lb in 2 weeks... Ive done just about everything that you are not supposed to do.... 2 failed restart attempts too...

I mean business this time! Just cleared the fridge and cupboards today, shakes at the ready for a Monday morning start...

Im expecting it to be really really hard this time around, last couple attempts I felt strong like this but only lasted through the afternoon and had to give in. i KNOW im gonna feel like that again but just have to pull through and espeically get through first few days.... I AM NOT GOING TO FAIL AGAIN.

Ill probably be doing a daily journal and beggin for support when the jitters hit me as i really wanna get back on the happy wagon guys and gals....

Off to bed now to have my last sleep with a full belly (well i didnt say i threw all the food out the fridge away! LOL)

See ya tomorrow...
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Glad to see you back on track Nick.. Good luck x x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Hey, lots of luck with the restart. Water!! is my best advice. keep bottles anywhere and everywhere about you and keep sipping all through the day. Keep uber busy the first few days to avoid temptation.
When feeling like giving in, try and focus on where you want to be when you are finished TFR.
Thanks. Im not quite back on track yet. Im typing this with a full belly of food so its easy. the realy challenge starts tomorrow morning when i wake up!

last 2 failed restarts i lasted till afternoons and then just got consumed with food thoughts and compulsions and failed.... Im dreading tomorrow afternoon/evening, so please guys, dont pussyfoot around me, if i come on and say something be as tough as you like with me, i wont take offence. I need back on seriously....
Night all, see ya tomorrow for the fun...


Fighting for My Health
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Fighting for My Health
I've been where you are in the past, albeit a good few years ago now, but I still remember how difficult restarts and fails are. You can do this though. Keep focussed, and take it hour by hour if you have to. We're all here to help you :) Good luck! xx
Thanks all.... Jayne thats a good idea hour by hour/// well Im gonna split the day into 3 parts...
upto noon
noon till 5pm
5pm till bed

when i am struggling im just gotta get through to the next stage.....
Just remember....

We will be watching.... Lol

Good luck
C'mon Nick, you're the man! Get a grip of yourself (not literally but I suppose it would take your mind off food) and get back on the wagon NOW....we're all cheering for you x


Fighting for My Health
Nearly at the midday point. How's it going? Remember HANG ON TIGHT! :D

LMAO at Sandra!!

OK Goal 1 (morning) - success
Goal 2 - noon till 5 - OK so far - no bad intentions but my stomach is churning... (just bought new canvasses for my flat and decorations so be a few hours distracted putting all these up...

Im gonna have 3 mini successes a day and congratulate myself for them instead of thiking as the day as one big hurdle....

Also splitting my meals into 4 portions to spread out...

So far so good, cant wait till all the crap from past 2 weeks leaves my system...
Well done so far Nick.. I do believe that keeping busy does help .. Good luck x
2 outta 3... another success... just the 5PM till bedtime slot to complete now :)
You CAN do it!... Good luck x
Nick so glad to see you back. Rootin' for you buddy! :)

And, as the name says, water works - keep glugging my friend. :)
Indeed! Looks like today is gonna be a successfull restart... Im already peeing for England! lol jeez its 6.30PM and i havent had my soup yet! LOL, thats cuz i been keepin myself so busy busy busy decorating etc..., Mmm looks like it will be a late soup with Emmerdale! ..

Nick so glad to see you back. Rootin' for you buddy! :)

And, as the name says, water works - keep glugging my friend. :)

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