Night off last night and.....


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Throughly enjoyed myself but now i'm quite worried can someone help.....

I ate a stew sorta thing - no potatoes - but half a dumpling - also had about 6 chocolates

I went on the scales this morning and it looks like i have put on two pound - Surely it can't have caused that much damage - I know it doesn't sound alot but it is to me - I'm so on track and want to me 10 for my hoilday 14th March i'm 11.11 now - do you think it duable??????

Thanks in advance for any advice given

Nicola :eek:
Hi Nicola

It will be your glycogen store 'refilling'. It should empty out in a day or so of SS, but you may go through mild carb withdrawal in the meantime.

I don't know your general rate of loss, but with just about 8 weeks between now and your hols, you should be able to get to the weight you want :)
When you have a little slip as D_Q says the glycogen store refills and you hold on to water this will come off quickly. Often you gain what you would have lost in day one of the diet.

It is not fat though so do not panic.
Cant turn back the clock, youve had some choc and stew...have you had the whole box and a loaf of bread to dip in the stew..or have you managed to stop and think..youre conscious of what youve done ...thats all you can ask of yourself!

Please dont beat yourself up, I KNOW how crap you canf eel about yourself when you have had a blip, believe me i know and the self loathing can only lead to bingeing...not worth CAN and WILL get to goal if you accept your blips as meaning EATEN but NOT BEATEN!!!!

Chin up hun...keep posting...stay off scales for a couple of days whilst you get back ontrack! Thats what i tend to do, just go witht he flow until youre back in the K flow of things!!!