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  1. Wobbletum

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    Does anyone else find this really difficult?

    I'm used to having sugary, calorific foods at night time in front of the telly or whilst playing Scrabble with manthing. Maltesers, etc., all gone after my usual stodgy meal of potatoes, meats, stews, pizza, etc. So by the end of the evening I would be very full by bed time.

    Last night I tuckered into red grapes instead and by the time night rolled around I was very, very unsatisfied! I could FEEL how full I was, and the grapes were lovely, but I hadn't had any real sugar, my tummy wasn't full up from my modest dinner of a toasted English muffin with poached eggs on top, and I felt very sorry for myself indeed. I had a breakfast bar (made my my own fair hands earlier in the day, they're those peanut butter ones that were on River Cottage every day - basically flapjacks with a lot of seeds in them) which did hit the spot but pretty unsuitable for evening eating. I made the bars as they're full of oats and golden syrup and thus, great breakfast food due to having the entire day to burn them off and being a complex carb, giving me a ton of energy. No good for 11pm snacking!

    What does everyone else fill those pangs and urges with?
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    Hi there!

    I too get the munchies at night. During the day a biscuit would never pass my lips! It's a bit odd but a bit of a habit. I've found that by changing my routine I can avoid the lure of the stodge.

    It's true - grapes don't do the job! Perhaps you could try low fat crisps, low cal cereal bars (not your own!) or a small bowl of porridge/weetabix with splenda, banana - all filling but healthy.

    Well, I'm going to have a cereal bar and a cuppa and then crawl into bed - no food there! :)

    Best of luck Pomooky XX
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    Oh those cravings. Got to hate them.

    I do several things that I find work well. I either have a spoonful of honey, a low calorie hot chocolate or brush my teeth, and blast with mouthwash, so that food tastes nasty for a bit!
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    I'm also sooo familiar with these night time cravings...

    I just try to busy myself doing other non-food related things until it's time for bed. But if I feel like I *need* to be eating something then strawberries with some low fat greek yoghurt usually does the trick.
  6. Crazy kitty

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    They are my snack of choice, I make sure I have some to grab when I have a craving. I get home 30mins before the BF and thats when I find myself snacking cause I am hungry but waiting till he gets home before I get dinner. I would snack anything in sight bread loaded with butter, chocolate, crisps and then still have my dinner
    Now I grab a banana and that keeps me going to dinner
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