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Nightmare! and whoops.....

2 annoying things happened in the last 10 hours! (well, 1 annoying thing, 1 funny thing :p )

1) Had a real nightmare last night, dreaming I was in Burton's and the assitant's there were desperatly trying to squeeze me into clothes which were already huge, then when I went and looked in the shop mirror I was twice the size of when I started LL! I looked like Homer Simpson in that episode where he eats loads and starts wearing the dress :8855:

Why does my brain do this to me? :mad: :rolleyes:

2) I accidently ordered a few more packs of the Listerine Strips than I meant to on my last order..... the box arrived this morning, and I tip it onto my desk, the end result being that 30 packs of them went flying everywhere....... so I now have 720 of the strips to get through! :8855:

At least I'll have fresh breath for a long time! :8855::8855:
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Hi Pete,

The dreams can be rather funny. I woke up in tears one morning after dreaming I had put all the weight back on. I also often dreamt of eating the most amazing meals while I was in abstinence. Atleast I was eating in my sleep :8855:

Freash breath is never a bad thing.



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720 strips?
thats many, many hours of kissing
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LS I have those dreams where you think you've eaten......................I wake in a panic thinking I've blown it..............like Pete says 'why do our brains do that?'
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I don't have the eating dreams but maybe thats cos I watch a lot of food porn :p new series of masterchef has just started yippee lol.

How on earth did you not notice while paying that you'd ordered that many lol?

I can so sympathise with the dreaming you'[ve put on all the weight and more I wake up in a cold sweat it's awful, hugs xXx


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Hahahaha, can I have some?? I love those strips and can't find them anywhere!! :) Hehe.

As for your nightmare... it sounds grim! But at least you got to see yourself in the mirror when you woke up and have a moment of 'sh*t, I'm skinny' - mwahahahahaha...

I haven't had a food dream for ages... I used to all the time in Foundation... me tucking into all sorts of naughties... I hope they come back... they were worth the sinking feeling as soon as I woke up... when I realised I'd had the satisfaction of eating without any of the consequences! Woop woop!

FYM said:
How on earth did you not notice while paying that you'd ordered that many lol?
I ordered them in a rush, on the sly, while at work :p
So I guess I just didn't read it properly!

vintella said:
720 strips?
thats many, many hours of kissing
wahay! I like the way you think! lol
Now I'm looking a them as a challenge, how many can I be forced to use in a weekend! hahaha! :D
^ that's brought so many wonderfully naughty images into my head, it can't be good for me :eek: at least none of them were about the f**d! :D ;)

My mind really is like a sewer, I reckon! haha! :p
While we're on the subject (kinda) does anyone know, is there a limit (or suggested limit) to how many of the Listerine Strips you have in a day?

I ask because it's been so nice to be able to keep breath fresh again, I've had almost an entire pack (24 strips) throughout today, and got to thinking that maybe that is too much to use in a day.....



Guess who's back...?
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Dunno if there is a problem with over usage apart from the fact they may cause a laxative effect??? I used to do a pack a day when I did Atkins, and I'm still alive - so that's something!! x
Thanks Anna and LS,

I've already decided that I'm going to make sure I don't overdo them again, there's no need to have a pack in a day as 1 strip lasts for a while in terms of not having bad breath, I think that I just got a bit carried away with the fact that for a few minutes after you "eat" one, your breath is lovely and minty-fresh and you can do that whenever you like, which hasn't been the case for a few months now!

So yeah, only having 1 when I actually have cause to need it :)

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