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Nightmare of a year!!!!


needs to focus!!!!
Just got told today that my job is on the line, and out of 5 of us 2 of us are looking like we're going to be made redundant.

I've had the worst year, was only a year ago that i got made redundant from my last job, was off sick for 6 weeks at the start of this year and then was in the hospital for a week a couple of weeks ago, so doesn't look good for me with my sickness record :(
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Mad old Bat with Attitude
Fingers crossed for you Hun. My youngest son was made redundant last month, he saw it coming so applied for a course to be a teacher. Luckily his subject is physics!
Start planning now, can you get some advice somewhere? Do you want to change direction completely? It's a big blow but in the big picture things have a way of working out. Come on here, rant, moan, we're all here for you, and if you have to cut back financially we have all the tips on that too. Good luck.
Its a horrid feeling, but as one door closes another door opens. Try and be positive about it and start looking round and thinking about the future now, don't leave it till later. We have these times thrown at us and we can sometimes feel like we are going under, but just think about it, we never do. What ever life throws at us we deal with and we always come out the otherside, not always unscathed, but we always come out, and I believe we are better for our experiences in the long run. You may be worrying unncessarily, so my advice is don't worry, it won't make any difference to the outcome anyway, but do act positive and start looking around for other jobs now and makeing decessions on your future plans. Fingers crossed for you. XXXX


its a long road
my mum got made redundant about 3 weeks ago which was a week before she went in for an operation which would have ment she would have had to of had 6 weeks off. she was really upset but she is keeping positive. and at least she has lots of time to find a new one lol

my thoughts are with you.

keep smiling and were all here if you want to have a rant :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hun, I know what you're going through. I'm in the limbo of not knowing if my job is secure or not and its horrible!
I try to stay positive, but its hard smiling everyday.
Things do get better and I know they will. Chin up and huge positive vibes coming your way.


needs to focus!!!!
thanks very much all, finding it really hard, as we wont find out if we're one of the ones until after the 11th September, then we've got to go through 3 consultations if we are.
i'm looking for jobs just now but there is just nothing out there, and i can't afford to start a new career. :(

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