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Nikki's final half stone to target diary!

Hello all! Ive decided I need to start a food diary as I'm so close to target and think I might need the support for the last hurdle! Any suggestions would be much appreciated :) so here is yesterday's diary as I didn't get chance to do it....

Orange ( I know its not the best just an orange but I'm always in a ruch in the morning)

2 x Ryvita original HEXB
Piles of ham.
1 x toffee (1.5 syns)

Slimming world Lasagne (great recipe and divine)
Parmesan HEXA
Added lots of peppers to mine.
Large salad, with onion, mushrooms and leaves.
1 x tbsp BBQ sauce (1 syn)
1x vodka (35ml so 4 syns! Not worth it for just one drink)

Half a homemade chocolate browny ( not sure on syns so to be on the safe side I've said 10)

Syns 16.5
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Thanks for putting this up Nikki - you've been doing so well so its great to see just how you've done it ;)
Your more than welcome to have a nosey :) any advice is welcome!
So today I was off and thought it would be a prime opportunity to go to the gym :) so didn't manage breakfast as I was in the zone!

Cup of tea -splash of milk (part of HEXA)
2 x liquorice all sorts (2 syns)

2 x Ryvita (HEXB)
Can of weight watchers coronation tuna (2 syns)
Weight watchers lemon tart yoghurt (love these and was sooooo looking forward to it.....tripped up and threw half of I all over living rug and sofa....not impressed!!)
750ml water

Impromptu visit from my friend.... Armed with a bottle of vodka.....who knows what is going to happen!!!

25 minute cardio
15 minute weights

So, the plan was to flexi syn Saturday and Sunday as its my Aunts bday and we always have a good old party.... Looks like it will be flex syns tonight too....good job next week weigh in is on Thursday and not Tuesday!!!!
Hollys nan- I was just about to say the same!

Nikki- go you! Workout girl ;) Doh to the yogurt issue, I bought WW yogs and really dont like them, they have a horrible after taste to them!
Yikes!! Good job I did go to the gym yesterday. Added up an approximation of last nights syns.... The grab bag of walkers crisps came out too....a mega 35!! Think I might be driver tomorrow and Sunday as weekly syns are now at approx 70! X
I dont feel so bad for my marshmallow frenzy last night! :D

What do your daily syns average out at do you think, on a normal week?
Usually I'd say at least 15 ad sometimes I do go over quite a lot. But it works for me so until my book gets its first gain I'll stick to it x
Ok so new day today and back on track.... Even though my body I calling out for a green day I know I need to have a red day to keep me losing....always have a red day the day after drinking a lot!

Alpen light bar 1/2 HEXB
1 litre NAS squash
1 Oreo cookie (2.5 syns)

2 x Ryvita HEXB
1 x laughing cow EL. Part of HEXA
4 x starburst (4 syns)

Stir fry pork strips cooked in paprika spice
Big salad
BBQ sauce 1/2 tbsp (0.5)
Pint water

1/2 Chocolate brownie (10 syns.... Just in case)


No exercise today
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I love salad with everything! Works wonders on my weight loss!
Just worked out the syn value on my home made brownies and it's approximate 120 for the whole thing! Does 16 servings easily at 7.5 syns a piece and I usually have just half a slice dont feel so bad now :-D
15 syns a day Nikki? I only got that high if I really need to. As you say though if it works for you :D

I am in a serious muchie mode just now, cant stop eating and I dont want healthy stuff, would quite happily eat a pack o bics but where would that get me ?:17729:
Do not go for the biscuits!!! Won't get you anywhere! I love a little scoop of ice cream to cure the craving!
So good to see you've been enjoying yourself Nikki ;) I like your style :D

I hope that once I'm in full swing and have lost a good amount I'll start to do the same (esp. the Flexi syns thing!!!). Hubs & I decided today after our good loss that we will try to stay off the booze for a few more weeks until our friends wedding...its my first mini goal really...hope I can buy a new dress for it (maybe in a smaller size!! ;)
Go on nicci rub it in ha ha! Thats my trouble I think and why so many people in my group get fantastic weight losses and I am trundling along. But if I dont like salad and veggies I have to take the senic route,accept it and keep going. Oh well, will tuck into my grapefruit and yoghurt now I think. At least I love fruit thankfully.;)
Mela that's great that you have the discipline to stay off the alcohol! I seem to get into a situation on a weekly basis! But I've been very good today and decided against going to the pub tonight so my discipline is getting better. Mini goals I've found have helped me so much this time round.

Hollys nan, grapefruit is a major metabolism booster so that's good that you like that! Better than nothing isn't it :)
Oh I didnt know that about grapefruit, thanks. Will go and get another one I think, that god for fruit. Mind just mad a fantastic choc pud I got the recipe from this forum. If you would like it and cant see it I will re post it. Its sooooooo yummy and only 1 and half syns per ramkin. Happy slimming and have a good weekend

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