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nintendo wii............


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I got mine about a year ago and got EA Sports Active. It didn't speed up my weightloss but I lost 2" off both my waist and hips in the first 30 day challenge! Totally changed my shape. Must get back on it!


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Its helped me be more active, though I've had so many days off plan lately I couldn't vouch for extra weight loss.
I have only had mine 2 weeks, so Im hoping it makes a difference -I did lose 3lb last week and it was my * week -so I like to think it was at least in part down to the wii -even if not Im addicted :D ....Its not often that Im doing under 2hrs a day now :p..
I think it has to help. as at east Im up n moving a heck of a lot more than I was before !
Hope you love it too


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i got a wii and am waiting to buy the wii fit plus as my other half is matching me lb for £ i only got 9.5 lb to go before i can get it as they are 74.99 so i will tell you then if it speeds up my loss i cant wait


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:) mine comes with nintendo board n stuff i need but im not gr8 at learning how to use one to start wth! lol so in few weeks i be getting to the using stagefirst few weeks i be learning how set it up haha
I literally ordered the EA game this morning!

I was doing well with other games but was fed up of switching disks for different things so I'm hoping that it will all be in one place once this comes so I can spend more time working out :)

As we have two young boys almost 3 and nearly 2 time is really restrictive especially as I am currently doing two evening classes a week as well as being an Avon rep!

I love my Wii because it doesn't matter if I do it in my jammies!! Woohoo!


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I only bought mine a couple of days ago, so I can't comment on the weight loss benefits of it yet, but I would have to agree with Capricorn and say that it must help as I'm more active than I would have otherwise been :)

Hope you like it xxx


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well been on wii plus....im aching! i did hoola hooping and boxing and stomache and arms are really sore... only did 20 mins lol


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I really like the boxing one :D

I've just done the jogging one :eek: I need a lay down now! :8855:
lol me too i did 1 session and my legs were like i did marathon wanted to stop half way lol... im not sure if was on same 1 but towards end the picture wsa up hill and i really felt like was running up hill :( hoping i get fitted every day i use..

i also got weighed and weighed my dog heard they was wrong most time but weighed me same as what was at sw and my dog is 2 1/2 st!!! :eek:


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It's a balance game, I think you need to unlock it so you need to keep going! It's not that far in so it shouldn't take long to get it unlocked, it's silly and fun! :8855: I haven't got Wii Fit+ but I imagine it will be on there as well.
Hi Gemma -
The penguin one is on the wii fit -in the balance section , I have been playing it tonight, you stand on the board and lean to make the penguin slide along an ice sheet and catch jumping fish ...
Yep definitely on there under the balance section.

I stupidly made the mistake of trying to jog whilst wearing no bra - needless to say I shan't be doing that again!!


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I have the EA active sport game too, went on it for 3 days on the run and then the batteried died in my remote, so will have to remember to buy some more:)
LOL....great minds!

I'm actually charging mine now!

Just for info I got two rechargeable packs from Asda for about £7 I think - they charge via USB. They'll pay for themselves soon at the rate I use it.

You can also get a charging dock from Argos, which presumably comes with the packs?

May be worth it at the cost of buying decent batteries :)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I've had rechargeable batteries for a while. Aldi do very cheap ones. I also got a rechargeable pack for the board from Amazon for 3£ something, but I keep it connected to the console now so it charges while it's on.
Oh and I did 30 mins freestep last night while Chelsea flower show was on!

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