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~nix~ diary.. new york new me .....


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im half way thourgh my third week here in lipotrim land...

i plan to keep going till mid august then the last two weeks refeed and then first week september transfer to slimming world and keep going till im at target

im a 41 year old mum of two boys (5 and almost 3) i dont want to be the big mom that stands at the back waiting to collect her children, that wont go on rides and cant run about with my kids coz im too unfit.. i want to take them swimming and not feel bad about myself in a swimming costume... but mostly i want to feel good about myself again.. and i want to have some photos of me and my children looking happy, to look back upon when they grown up ( as currently i feel so bad about myself that i wont even have my photo taken)....

in january i decided i was going to fulfill an ambition of mine and go to new york for a girlie weekend with a friend from work (coz the husband dont wanna go)

so weighing in at 18 stone 5lbs i joined slimming world....

some months later and after booking the holiday and despirately trying to loose weight only to find myself keep snacking on the kiddies left overs, random sweeties and huge sandwiches at work.. i was in despair...

18 weeks to my holiday and here i was 17 stone 1......i had looked at this forum for weeks and then i calculated that if i joined i could loose maybe 4 stone before i go...

see... ive no self confidance.. all i was to myself was a huge blimp that looked after my kids and cleaned the house, i dont go out coz my husbands out most nights and i stay in and eat.. and promise myself i will do better tomorrow...

my biggest wish is that i can go out with my friend in new york and wear a nice dress, be happy and have my photos taken looking good.

I booked my holiday, went to the chemist and here i am on lipotrim still 100% almost 3 weeks later, my clothes are getting smaller and ive spent the last 3 weeks.. everytime ive been hungry ive imagined myself in that dress..walking about in new york and looking good..

ive afforded myself a couple of treats, ive had my haircut this weekend and coloured.. but ive booked to have it done again and coloured properly (not just a wash in thing) the week that i come off refeed...as a treat

im excercising like mad to try and firm up so im not all loose skinned and baggy... ive bought some firming creams, and ive planned myself some waxins and a spray tan for my holidays... all to make me feel like a million dollars when i go to america

hopefully, the thought of a slimmer tanned looking good me can keep me going for the next 9 weeks and hopefully i can get down to around 13 stone for then too...

wish me luck.... im sooooo gonna need it
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Hi Nix,
You sound so much like me its scary! I'm only on third day but OK so far.
Lots of luck with the rest of your time on lipotrim,and enjoy your weekend away in New York looking as gorgeous on the outside as you obviously are on the inside.
Make sure you treat yourself for doing so well! If you need a chat I'm on here pretty often.


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I know what you mean about the kids.......I have always been big since my first was born 16 yrs ago......I have only taken the boys swimming once or twice.....and alway sit on the sidelines on activities.....I really want to take them to alton towers and join them on the rides......good for you ......you can do it x


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aaw thanks you guys....

i stared lipotrim at 17 stone 1 and as of this morning im at 15 stones 11 so much lost on less than 3 weeks.. im feeling ok ive had lows..

cooking food for my kids is a killer as i so want to eat it. but mostly im doing ok.

bbq's and pizza are the worst.
i just keep thinking im gonna have that dress and wear it in new york.. and that keeps me going.. i dont even want to be skinny.. just normal....

the support and comfort this forum gives is just amazing
.. it keeps me going when i feel down i come and read... and i look forward to each wednesday to weigh in and see how much ive lost...

together we can do it... i know we can...


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well today is supposed to be my weigh day but i have to work...
and im off tomorrow so im gonna do the weigh in tomorrow instead.

fingers crossed for tomorrow ....

next week to i have to have a thursday weigh in coz of work....

so a day late but i think ive done ok..

trying not to eat the kids left overs is so hard. but ive bought my holiday dress in a small saize and its in my wardrobe.. i keep thinking of that.....

3 weeks down another 8 weeks left to go.....

c mon the 4 stone total loss......

gotta be looking good for new york


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5lbs woohooooooooo.......

thats almost a stone and a half in like 3 weeks im soooo happy.....

makes all the times a week when i struggle and so want to cheat but i dont so worth it...

my 5lb a week goals isnt broken....

keep this up and i will be a new sexeh me for new york.......:party0049:


Back on the diet train...
woohoo well done hun!!! you are going to look so fab when you strut your stuff in new york!!! :D



Silver Member
a weekend of excercise.. i need to firm up my flabby bingo wings so i look good in my dress.....

got me some weights and im excercising when ever i can ...(which isnt agreat deal with two kids running about all day)

im gradually changing my weigh in day over the next 3 weeks from wednesday to saterday.. coz i might have a new job and i wont make midweek weigh ins...

second interview for this job this week... and the weight ive lost just gives me all the more confidance in looking good for the interview....


check in later in the week with the new york progress and weigh in results



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another 4 lbs yay........ and its that time of the month too.....

so next week i want that 5lbs off tyo take me squarely to 15st...
then ide have lost 2 stones and a bit..

next goal is to be in the 14's

cant wait.. another 8 weeks on this then food again.. and im so excited about that too......

i know i can do it.. i know i can keep it off.. i know i can feelgood about myself again..

and i know i can have an amazing holiday....... go me.....:rolleyes:.....:p
great work nix- keep visualising yourself in your new small sized dress!


Silver Member

29lbs in 5 weeks im so happy...


Silver Member

not been about for a few days its been hectic...:D

last wednesday was the last day of my job.... thursday i had an interview for a new job.. late friday afternoon i found out i got it.........so i was happy....:p

i have this week off then i start my new job next monday...

the other half decided we needed another car so saterday night i get a call from him from work.. he has a car for us to go see sunday... :rolleyes:

we go see the car and monday i bought it ...now i have a new job and a new car...:eek:

which is great.. and im still 100% on this diet... almost 6 weeks in and it looks good again for another 5lbs off this week maybe...

i have a problem though i need to wear business dress for this job and im only half way through my lipotrim journey.. already the trousers i bought for my interview are to big and cant be worn again *sigh* only worn twice .... and ive got to buy a load of clothes for work for next monday.. i know that in a few weeks time they will be huge... im not complaining that much though.... im loving the losses....

what i ~am~ complaining about though is my time of the month... ive not had aperiod for 3 years coz of the pill i was on.. ive been bleeding for the last 18 days and its getting me down a bit....i wish it would stop.. i think the pill isnt working to good to stop it.. and ive been told that its my hormones from loosing weight.. but i wish id just calm down.. its making me uncomfy and grumpy..

still.. im on a roll.... thinner, new job, new~ish car.... and a nice holiday to look forwards to in a few weeks time :eek:

well i will be in friday to let you all know how ive done in the scales.....:)

byes for now



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another 4lbs off this week.. rar rar go me
its all getting slimmer and people are really starting to notice now......
Well done Nix, Great stuff. I'ts just amazing when you compare LT to SW.
Not long till your trip to New York!!! I just love it there.
Good luck for next week.
Emma x


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Wow you are doing really well.With such a positive attitiude you will be at your goal before you know it .
Look out New York new Hot babe heading your way.
Really excited for you.


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been to buy some clothes coz literally i threw out all the stuff that was too big and im left with only half my wardrobe...

half of whats left is stuff i wore when i was thin and im still to get back into..

so im left with little to wear so ive hit the sales to buy some interrim things to wear whilst im still loosing.....

thank heavens for sales...

and............i got into a size 16 dress.. yea..... im happy 6 weeks ago i was a miserable size 22-24.....

how cools that and ive still 6 weeks to go on lipotrim till i refeed for my holls....

i recon i might even hit another 2 stone off you know if im good.....:rolleyes:



Silver Member
whoa... six lbs this week.. and onlt 4 more to go and thats me int the 13's

real achievement for me as the lightest ive been in recient years is 14 stone something .....

i have started to pick up bits of clothing for my holidays too this week..

some cargo pants that can be pulled in at the waist coz i know im still shrinking, and a few nice vests to go with them
small sizes for me to i bought 16's
there still a tad tight but ive 5 weeks left to go and thats about 25 more lbs for me, i know they will fit eventually.

anyways another good week.....

stay strong ... keep moving on...

time to make the kids tea (the worst bit about this diet as i really want to eat the nice stuff i make them :confused:)

anyways if i can resist fr 7 weeks im sure 5 more wont hurt....

itll all be worth it in the end :rolleyes:

im sure of that.....


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