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No advice needed, just some ears....

Hi all,

I just figured, since i need to get this out of my system i could just blab it on here.

I am having a rough time. I am grumpy to my husband. He's starting to get grumpy too. I am not hungry, nor do i feel the need to eat or take candy or whatever.

It is just that aparently the reasons for my overeating are now showing itselfs. Since last week, or perhaps 2 weeks ago already, i am thinking 24/7. I can't stop doing it. How will my future look. Do i really want to do this for 6 months or more. Will i be happy when i reach goal. Will i be able to maintain. Will i be able to cope with my HB who has bad eating habits as well, but without putting on the weight.

I was coping allright with it. But i am at work right now, i cooked diner for a client. Didnt feel the urge to eat it, but i did started to feel regret that i couldn't eat it. When i got back to the office to eat my soup i felt so bad. I couldn't eat the soup (i did though), and i feel like i could burst out in tears any minute (not what i need at work surrounded with clients that can come by any minute).

I just wish my life wouldn't be such a big mess right now. Or at least my head. I can't seem to cope with all the thinking....

Okay, despite what i said in the subject, if people know some tips to stop me from thinking all the time?? It is welcome. But most of all, i just needed some ears to blab into.
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Hi Klev, sorry to hear your feeling like this but I think most of us have felt the way you are feeling at some point on cd at least I know I have.

I too didn't want to eat because I wasn't hungry on cd but felt annoyed that I couldn't even if I wanted to and like you thought about things too much. However when I stopped and remembered the reasons why I was doing cd it clarifyed my thoughts. I wasn't just doing cd to look good after weight loss, I was doing doing it for health reasons and for quality of life - in other words I wanted my life back. Food had made me miserable and changed my life so much-not for the better and so I decided enough was enough. I understand you are worrying if you will be happy when you have lost the weight but ask yourself this are you happy the way you are now? will losing weight change things for the better in other ways?

I know it can seem like a drag and the thought of 6 months on cd feels awful right now but I have been on it 26 weeks now and my life has changed so much I cannot tell you how much. It's totally worth it so hang in there and you will soon start feeling the benefits. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you soon x.
Agree with above :)

The weeks WILL fly if you let them and keep plugging away

You have to work hard at this to reap the rewards :)

We all get $hitty days ...you aint alone xx
Thanks you guys, it's good to hear its common, and i already figured that much. When you stop with something that is such a big part of your life you are bound to run into yourself.

I feel better reading your replies. At least i no longer feel the need to cry :D.

Thanks for letting me blab on here and listening!
Hello klev

Hope that you will be feeling more positive soon. I went through a phase of being fed-up on CD - it was at the point that I had lost a couple of stones. However, I was still wearing my 'big' clothes and I think this was getting me down. I bought some very modestly priced new clothes in a smaller size, got my haircut, did a bit of home pampering and felt like a new person.
I hope that it helps you to know that we all get some mixed feelings on this diet. I ended coming off CD for 4 days this week - I wouldn't recommend this but maybe I needed a little break as I feel that I am now back to my motivated self.
I am not sure how I will maintain when I reach goal, but I hope that the image that looks back at me in the mirror and my new confidence will do a lot to help. Just take it one day at a time now, sometimes we think there are obstacles to our success but look at how much you have lost already (33 pounds) so really you have a lot of inner strengths, good luck x
Klev, I had a bit of a moment like that yesterday morning. I just wanted to sit and cry but it passed and today I went out with friends for lunch and happily had my bar while they went through all sorts of lovely things. I had one green asparagus and a quarter of a mushroom from my friends plate and felt that was a wonderful treat lol - and all was well.
I am expecting to be on CD for a year so I think I shall give myself a break of a couple of months over the summer and have salads.
I hope you feel better soon. I am expecting these down moments to happen but I am determined to tell myself that they won't last long!


Recovering Foodaholic
Hey Hunny,

I've pm'd you by the way, but you probably have seen that already :)

It's an incredibly unnatural situation that we put ourselves in, when everything we have been taught through our lives has been to eat, clear up, clean our plates...feeling sad? have a chocolate to cheer ourselves up, so it's such a hard thing to suddenly 'go without'. I guess like an alcoholic waking one morning and going totally teetotal.

One tip that my CDC suggested is to not think of the shakes as replacements, think of them as food; eat them slowly, enjoying every mouthful.

I think the hardest part of CD is not not taking in 'food' but dealing with the change in our lives, which can be pretty scary if you're like me, having been obese my entire adulthood as you're venturing into the unknown, changing your life. There's alot going on in our heads, so yes we will snap at our OHs- you've heard me snap at my OH on more than one occasion, but I talk to him as much as I can too- he knows it's the struggles I have finding the 'new' me. Your hubby will get that too- he knows you and he loves you!

Anyway, we're all here for you hunny, please don't feel that you're in this alone xxx:hug99:
Thanks you guys (well girls). It really picked me up. I almost feel silly now :).

But it was what i needed!

@Bubblypenguin, my OH already promised me he'd be more patient :) so you're right about the talking after the snapping ;).

I do think its scary to change such a big aspect of your life......i think life is just flinging at me, i finally have to deal with what every "normal" person has to deal with, and i just couldn't cope.

Thanks for all the tips and good words!! And indeed! I have already lost 33 lbs!! (sounds so little when i think it to be myself......) And that is a great achievement!
Hey Klev, yes indeed a fantatstic achievement, well done and any time you feel like that come on here and blurt it out. Good luck xx.

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