No Clothes - everything is too big!

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  1. bunnycd

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    My spare bedroom consists of size 20, size 18, and size 16 clothes - all now too big. I hate getting up and trying to find something to wear for work. I know I should be really happy but today my skirt nearly fell down and a few weeks ago it was tight. I love this diet but it is hard when you walk around in stuff that is way too big - and I am feeling a bit [email protected] at the moment. Went onto ebay and could not find anything. I don't want to pay £10-20 for tops when in a few weeks things will be really big. I have put some of my clothes on ebay but to be honest I cannot be bothered. By the time I get the advert on it has taken me an hour, it's a shame as I have some lovely designer clothes. We should all start a clothes exchange! :)
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  3. blitz

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    Its a great expensive problem isnt it:sigh: :sigh: . I have passed my best stuff to a friend. Have you any shopping outlet villages near you, I went to Cheshire Oaks the other week and managed to get a few bits for not a lot of money, its made the world of difference to my sparse wardrobe.

    On a good note well done I bet that you are looking loads better.:D :D :D
  4. MissPiggyFi

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    Go to primark while you're shrinking, you can get tops for £2, so you won't mind throwing them away in a couple of weeks:D
  5. demon

    demon Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    [​IMG] well the good news is WOW you're doing brilliantly [​IMG]

    Know how you feel though - was in exactly the same position last May - went around wearing tents and then wondered why no one was commenting on my weight loss [​IMG] Like you, didn't want to waste money on clothes I wouldn't be wearing for long!!! Agree with everyone, you don't want to buy anything expensive - check out the cheaper shops like Primark.

    You'll be at goal sooner than you realise - the time just flies by on this diet and you're going to have an absolutely fab time buying that new wardrobe [​IMG]
  6. AngieBabie

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    Tesco and George do some wonderful clothes at the fraction of the cost....when you are at goal you can then treat yourself to some real nice outfits. Well Done, Angela x
  7. Ajax

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    I had this idea of the clothes exchange a while back, I still think it would be a great idea. Some people mentioned CDC taking peoples clothes and exchanging with other "customers" but I still think a minimins clothes exchange would be fab.

    Just gotta try and find a way of doing such a thing!

    But, you have done brilliantly, well done. I know how you feel tho, its great getting into something smaller but when an item of clothes gets too baggy you feel [email protected].

    well done, keep your spirits up and get buying some cheapy stuff for now. The new designer stuff when you get to goal will be worth it and you can wear it more than twice lol.
  8. sonkie

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    Well I have a collection of bras, was gonna send them to the refuge we had a thread on before but cant find it for the address.........anyone remember ?
  9. Karen

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    think u'd need to pm mini :)
  10. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    I think it is a great idea too I will PM mini
  11. flirty40greeneyes

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    I have loads of size 22/20/18 clothes too that are too big. Also had size 16's as well, as I'd gone down to a size 12/14 - but as I've gone back up to a 16, they're in use again!

    I found charity shops were a great place for some clothes when I was going down the sizes and even found some that hadn't been worn and designer ones too.
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