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No Count/Core Plan or Points ?????


I'm doing points. Like you I need the control but it also allows me to eat everything I like in moderation while still losing weight. Which keeps me on track and not feeling deprived.


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I'm also on points. I did core once before and didn't lose anything (though that was before they changed it - I understand it's much more limited than it used to be). I'm not very good with my portion control and I honestly don't know I'm full until I'm stuffed (which defeats the object of the core plan) so I stick with points. Counting my points means I can eat whatever I like in moderation, plus I know it works.


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Same as Marie - Although I didn't try Core, I tried SW... And I did lose weight. But I only managed to stay on it a couple of weeks because I felt so limited in what I could eat. I like cakes and biscuits - not too many, but it's really difficult to have things like that on Core.

The same as Marie part comes in with regards to not knowing when I'm full... only when I'm stuffed.


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Im on points too. I didnt try Core but did try SW and got to the stage if I saw one more piece of pasta Id have screamed. I like the variety points gives you as Im quite a fussy eater