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no energy...?

im on day 10..doing well not hungry finding the not eating fine its my energy level im struggling with i feel totally drained and doing anything is hard work...where is my energy surge i was told about has anyone felt like this on this diet i expected this feeling in the first few days but feeling like this after 10 days is getting me down..:sigh: am i doing something wrong i am having all my shakes i drink loads of water or is it that this is just how its going to be for me on LT...
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I was and still do be very tired/no energy sometimes, the 1st month was the worst but after that i'm not too bad now. I believe its normal for this to happen. Hang in there you will get through it :)
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Hi Jenni, Sorry to hear you have no energy, it's not a nice feeling at all! I had it on day 8 but been fine since then, im sure it will pass soon x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Don't worry as it is all part of the process. Slumps like this may occur from time to time. Just stick with the programme. Take things a little easier in days you are weary.
Take care.


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You just have to go with it really. I'm 10 weeks in and still have days when I feel lacklustre although on the whole I've not been too bad so I think it's just part of the process.

Hope you've been a bit brighter feeling .



Thornhill Cate

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Hi Jenni, I've been lucky, I haven't had an energy dip at all but I've not experienced the energy surge that lots of people report either. My energy levels are really no different from what they were before I started this.


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I really relate! I am useless and pathetic and weak like iv never been. Just doing little jobs round the house totally knackers me out... I get dizzy and breathless and I have to have a sit down and rest for a bit. I'm day 7 and praying it passes soon cuz everything is such hard work and all my muscles are useless. Hope it gets better for you soon! X

Cham Pers

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I must admit ive had energy surges every day. My house has never looked so clean and my dogs have been walked hard and fast. Ive been going to the gym every morning but...by 6pm every night im a gonna ive been falling asleep only to be woken up by one of my famo and i am CRANKY beyond belief. Then i fall into bed and relax again. The palpitatiobs finally went thank goodness they scared me abit but all ok its just the hunfar pangs or is it all in my head???

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