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No family support!! how do i cope?

Ok i know my family shouldn't have to suffer but i feel that some members eg my hubby is going out of their way to make this hard for me :cry:He even moaned at me walking around the supermarket for "only thinking about myself" :eek: I didn't sit there last night and tell him he was only thinking about himself when he sat there eating a box of chocolates infont of me :cry: and i don't think he has much room to talk as he is more over weight than me :rolleyes: How do i keep going when i have to put up with this every day ?
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You have to do this for you and don't let sabotage (even friendly sabotage) stop you from being healthier and living longer. As you being to lose more and more you may find that your other half jumps on the diet and other friends and family as well.

You have to focus on what you are doing this for and let nothing stand in your way.



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As Icemoose said dont let anyone discourage you from doing this.
you are doing this for you im sure once yout oh sees the amazing new you he will become more supportive and may even give it a go himself.
In the mean time for support you have all of us miniminers, were on here night and day (those of us that havnt got a life yet Points shyly at himself) you can do this keep going the end result is so worth it.

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Ditto to all the above.

This is for YOU. this is about YOU, this is what YOU want. It's a time to be selfish (difficult for us mums I know) but once you're on a roll, your hubby could dangle a choclate right in front of your nose and you'll not be interested.

I had many sabotage hurdles to overcome (as do most of us) on my first time around ... all the familiar comments "You can't seriously not eat anything - that's not healthy!" and "You shouldn't be losing weight so fast - it's not healthy" and "No fruit and veg? That can't be healthy" yadda yadda yadda ... you know what? Being 10st overweight isn't healthy.

Have some good stock answers and come-backs ready for when someone tries to knock your resolve (even if they're well-meaning). You don't have to be nasty about it - just firm and resolved.

Stick to your guns Fay ... as the L'Oreal advert goes - You're worth it!

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