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No idea !!!

Im having real trouble getting back on plan.

I didnt go to WI this week as im having trouble within my marriage now i dont have a clue where i am, im in limbo i plan to go to WI next week and knowing me i have put on.

Im scared if i do put on im gonna quit like i did last time.
I dont want to quit my mother died cos she quit on herself and i dont want to end up like that i want to see my kids grow up !!!

I feel like im losing hope of ever losing weight .
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This is really the time!
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Firstly, stay calm. Try not to put pressure on yourself about slimming at the moment chick. It sounds to me like you have enough on your plate (no punn intended lol), without piling on more.

If you do not want to lose control of plan, maybe make that the control in your life. Maybe you can make it into a positive goal to focus on while you work through your marriage.

Maybe sit down, do a shopping list. Look at what foods you love, which ones will aid your weight loss. Make it a real focus.

Whatever you do, please keep on talking to us on here and do not give up completely. Go to your W.I, assess the damage and look at it as a challenge that you can beat, not something that can beat you.

Remember, we are all here to chat to and good luck xxx
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I agree with what fluffs has said, you can beat this.


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Really sorry you are feeling so low. I think Fuffs has made great suggestions.

Sometimes it helps to use food as one area you can control when everything else is going mad around you.

Keep posting, everyone is here to support you. Take care x
Thanx girls i've had a good day today.

A little tears but nothing major.

Fuffs your so right i can't control my marriage at the moment but i can control my food. Ive done pretty well so far and i'm very proud of myself. I know its only 12 pounds i've lost so far but for me thats pretty good.
Also it helps that my group leader is so great she keeps me up when i'm feeling down and thats part of the reason i was feelin down cos i didn't go to class. I've spoken to her and shes got me up again. I should nominate her for leader of the year if thats possible lol.



This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
12lbs is a fabulous loss. I know that when life is on a down turn for me, the last thing I want to do is eat healthily. But, this time, my partner has been made redundant, but it has given me something to really focus on. I also look forward to class.

I am not sure what will aid your marriage...But I do know that watching the scales go down each week will give you so much confidence, that you will be able to deal with anything.

I am really glad my post helped. I was up late, feeling a bit low about my own life. So, I am pleased I made sense.

It is great that you hve a good consultant. It is a massive help. I am sure that if you feel comfortable enough to let her know things are a little rough at the mo, she would contact you mid week to see how you are getting on and if you need any support.

Good luck chick xxx
I always read your posts fuffs u always make sense.

My consultant is always textin us in group 2 keep us inspired shes a lifesaver.

Hope ur feelin better bout ur life and im sure everythin will b ok with ur husband gettin made redundant my husband did a while ago as well.

Life can sumtimes b a ***** but we have 2 fight bak sum how and if its with our weight let it be haha.



This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
lol...beat the bulge lol

Life can be a lil sh*t....But what doesnt kill us, makes us stronger. There are some tough learning curves...But when you are back on the straight you realise that you have grown so much as a person because of the difficulties.

During my pregnancy and after my baby last year, our relationship tok a battering. We had grown apart and were emotionlly attacking each other constantly.

I have been going to counselling since October, and things are sooo much better now. He behaves differently and so do I. Back in July last year and beyond, I would not have given us another month. But here we are, stronger than ever!

I am glad my posts make sense to you. I often write the first thing that comes into my head and do not re-read it before I post it. So, I am pleased it's not just gobbledygook lol


Trying again!!!
Hope it all works out for you Starbex, Fuffs has gave some good advice and I'm glad you have a great consultant to help you. Sending you hugs, xx:hug99:

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