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no loss this week

in fact i've gained

the only thing i've done different is i have started taking Lcarnitine every day

i drink my water , i count my carbs , don't eat hardly any cheese , eat fatty meat , and still no loss :confused:

feel thinner though , so got measured , no diiference

help needed guys xxxxxx
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It's probably PISS Jo, you're body fighting back.


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dont worry about it hon, just carry on and it will happen.
I know ive been so impatient with this diet. everyone who had tried the diet before said oh i lost 1 half stone in 4 weeks - its 4 months for me and i havent even lost that!


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Stay with it hun, read over some of our posts, you'll soon see that most of us have a week if not weeks where we stall. Check your food intake, maybe cut back on cheese and anything with citrics give a miss as this could be the cause


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Ditto all the above. Keep going :)
thanks me lovelies xx

jim ...i googled PISS ( cant believe i've said that ) and read a few articles on it , thanks for the help

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I can't find it! What does it stand for?

geordiegirl is this your second week of Atkins? From reading on here it seems that most people have a good loss in the first week and then STS or only lose a pound in the second, I think it's normal. Stick with it!


Loves this site!
Jim told me that as i had lost 1st in 2wks my body had stalled so it could catch up. I lost 3lb last week and a lb this week. Only small amount this week but still in the right direction. It will happen babe, be patient. I understand how frustrating it is, 4wks and not a single movement on the scales but now it is. Just keep posting and we will all be here to see you through
not my second week , i've been on it since march ,

going back to basics this week , see if i can get a kick start
Hmm it's possibly carb creep as well then Jo, we become complacent. I had many stalls during my 4 years before maint. It's normal.

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