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no loss this week

Hi i am on week 5 of LL so far i have done really well losing 28 lb in total, but while i have continued to stick to it i have not lost any weight this week how could that be i feel so fed up today and am thinking s3eriously about haveing something to eat tonight ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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The Diet Guy

Ok you will have weeks when losses aren't as good as others but this is due to water retention and other issues, at the end of the day it is impossible to not lose weight doing Lighterlife properly. You have lost 2 stone in a few weeks so are well ahead of the "stone a month" loss that they say so don't be upset.

I am sure that if you stick to it this week then you will be more than pleased with the result next week and then you will be set again.

The diet works for everyone who sticks to it!!

I have suffered with the "low loss" weeks. It is a horrible dissapointment and somehow seems more crushing because of the type of diet you are doing. I also felt like giving up and it was only the support of my group who were fabulous and people around me reminding me how far I had come that got me to white knuckle it through another week.
In my case it was water retention and sure enough (with the help of some nettle tea and increasing my water intake) I had a BIG loss to make up for it.
You ARE burning the fat, but the number hasn't shown on the scales yet - trust that it will. Even though it is hard to keep motivated, (especially quite close the the beginning of your journey), without the comfort of seeing the all important number on the scale going down.
Chin up - all will be great in the long run.
You have had great losses over the month well on the way:) keep with it you are doing brilliantly
Have you been taking your measurements? A lot of people seem to find that even when the scales are sticking the inches are still dropping, after all it is inch loss that really matters to us in the end becasue that's what we all see.
thanks for that i just started to have those thoughts that its not going to work any more
I can totally relate to how you feel. I had my first ever sts week a few weeks ago and was gutted. The entire next week I was paranoid that Id have another bad week. Thankfully it was all worry for nothing and after that hiccup I was back to normal.

Hang in there :) Im sure next week will be different, youve done SO well so far
I havent cheated once and actually put on one week. Just focus on the goal not the weekly weight as it does fluctuate depending on hormones, weather, water intake....hang in there & dont let your evel chatterbox convince you that you NEED food, could loose more on WW etc - tell it to f-off!
I'm feeling a bit better after reading all the replies to this thread. I've just had my week 4 WI and after walking/running for at least 30 minutes every day, I have lost a pathetic three quaters of a pound!!:cry: I CAN"T BELIEVE IT:eek:
I'm determined not to dwell on it after reading the posts. I feel much better within myself after starting the diet AND even better about starting to exercise.
I WILL gt through this - thanks again for all your support.:wave_cry:
Hi...you have done So well 28lb in 5 weeks... that is brilliant and an average of over 5 lbs per week which is well above average loss. I have been doing LL for 8 weeks and have lost 20 lbs my LLC tells me that is still about average at about 2 lbs per week. I have realised that If I set my expectations too high (which i did of course) then when it comes to weigh day I get very down when everyone else has lost 8lbs or so......and to make matters worse they have cheated and I haven't! I have never had ketones in my urine....wonder why not...has anyone else had this experience?
Water water and more water... for me this has been the answer on the slow weeks. Everybody has them, and it really is tough, but as all of the posters have said the averages speak for themselves and you really can't fail if you stick with it. A slow week merely means a big loss is just around the corner :D
Hi Sarah

Totally agree with everyone and particularly Tiger Girl. I've been advised 4-6 litres to see consistent weight loss so 3-4 isn't enough. 4 is the absolute minimum. The biggest losses in my group came from...the BIG water consumers.

Don't understand the science but it works. Honest!

Stay strong, drink up and you'll be amazed by results!

Mrs L xxxxx

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