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Cruise PV no loss?????



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Blodwen - do you have a diary? It would be helpful if you'd start one, and post your menus in the menu thread. Without knowing what you're eating, etc., it's not easy to help...
Three days doesn't seem long, Blodwen. It might be a good idea to follow Jo's advice, though, and post your menus so that they can be checked for any potential pitfalls.

Hang on in there. I didn't lose anything for the whole of last week, but this is something which can happen occasionally for all kinds of reasons - water retention, TOTM, hormones playing up. Don't lose hope. Plenty of others have got through it, so I'm sure that we can, too.
Thanks everyone have lost another two lb if I was to say transition, I think you know what I'm saying so 10lb in 12 days I shouldn't moan, as for the diary I think it is a good idea but I may not be able to post daily as havinng problems with our pc's atm.


Not very good at this!
Jaqys is right - you have had a big loss and it will now slow down. You can't possibly expect to lose large quantities of weight every week.

On a good week I lose 2 lbs, sometimes it is 1 and sometimes nothing. This is despite not breaking the rules. The diet is not a quick fix (I know we would all love it to be).

I don't think the weight loss on this diet after the attack phase is any more impressive than any other diet really - but for me the good thing about it is that I don't feel hungry so it is relatively easy to stick to it.

I have found that the trick is not to give up if you don't lose weight for a week or two, just carry on keeping to the rules. You may want to cut down on your dairy and increase your exercise.

As Jo says, keep a diary and then we can see what you are eating - someone may come up with some ideas.

But as I said try and stay positive and avoid any 'sodit' moments if you don't lose:D

Keep going and don't give up.
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Three days with no loss is par for the course sometimes (I only weighed twice a week so probably happened quite often to me). If you still don't lose after 10 days, reduce dairy, walk as much as you can/increase exercise and drink lots of water and the weight will come off again.

Keep going!
your body will probably have to catch up with the weight loss. on atkins citric acid in drinks (diet coke, tonic) can cause stall. as does dairy. 3 days without a loss is nothing. wait till wi and if nothing then, maybe try as suggested xxx

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