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No More CD stuff!! Wot to do?


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
Hey all, not been on for a while, fings been goin great, have lost 3 stone 2lb's in 9 weeks so u can guess i love Cambridge. I dont get CD uk shakes n soups, long story those of u who remember me know lol. I wrote bout it in my blog, anyway, the fing is i get my shakes from the US and i didnt put my order in quick enough, i have to wait until maybe wed or thur this week to get my stuff. I only have soup left which i HATE. Would it b ok to have chicken n green veg, just like if u do the add a meal week fing. I am goin to force myself to have a soup, and then plannin to have chicken n lettuce or chicken n brocilla (lol at spellin) Would lettuce be ok? Will i knock myself out of Ketosis??? I need to eat somefing and iam really stuggling with the soup i have left.
sharon xx
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Im no expert, but I would eat chicken, or tuna and some lettuce and cucumber. You must try the soups otherwise your body will go into starvation mode rather then ketosis.


Mistress of the Dark
Not sure about Slim-Fast-it's full of sugar and my CDC said that it's a definite no-no.

I agree with cicerone. Stick to the protein foods from 810 and definitely have your soups xxx


Iam Loving It!! lol lol
fanks guys, i had chicken n some lettuce, i plan to do that until my stuff comes this week, the soup is a potato one, and it is disgusting lol, not the cd uk its the US and it really is terrible, i love cd aswell, i will NEVER let myself run out of shakes again thats for sure lol. Fanks for the suggestions. i better go, my youngest daughter is wanting me to make her bacon lol i want to CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :)
sharon xx
Hi Blushappysmile, I would take a vitamin, mineral and iron supplement if you aren’t going to have the soups. You can get them for a few pence in most supermarkets.
Following a low carb, Atkins type diet should be fine…….lean meat….. fish, green veg………and of course lots of water.

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