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No more Monster Munching - Rebooted!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Monster Muncher, 24 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Hi all,

    Well I started a thread a couple of months ago here - http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...-more-monster-munching-week-7-10lbs-lost.html - and saw good initial losses followed by a few weeks of stagnantion and then thanks to working long hours and a week away, 2 weeks of nothingness.

    So, today is a new start and with a holiday to Menorca in 9 weeks, I'm more determined than ever to shift some serious weight.

    Despite going off piste for the last two weeks, the damage hasn't been as bad as I feared, and I am currently tipping the scales 18st 13lbs, which means I'm still 9lbs lighter than when I started the initital thread back in April.

    Anyway, my diary is pretty clear between now and the holiday and I would LOVE to be able to get down to the low end of 17st before then. I have lots of exercise pencilled in, including park runs, bike rides and long walks, so I'm reasonably hopeful.

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  3. Sammie1984

    Sammie1984 Full Member


    Welcome back... here to sub.... good luck xx
  4. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks Sammie. :)

    Decent first day back on plan and only used 3 syns. :)
  5. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    EDIT: I'm going to try a new weigh in day to see what effect that has. My holiday is exactly 9 weeks away so am now going to weigh in on a Thursday. All stats etc remain the same. :)
  6. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Welcome to the Thursday club :) I've just smashed into the 18s buy losing 4.5 lbs this week. Was a bit of a shock, I tell you :)

    The only thing I want to mention is that you are aware of not "treating" yourself too much at the weekend "because you can pull it back before Thursday". I speak from bitter experience...that way lies maintaining and gaining!
  7. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thank you Theria, and well done on your losses - absolutely brilliant - and inspiring, too. Did you think you'd had a good week?

    I think the Thursday weigh in will be good for me - but will take on board what you have said re: the weekends. I think I will be OK as my diary is pretty clear now, apart from a stag afternoon and an evening invite to a wedding. But they're definitely managable.

    As mentioned, If I can lsoe 3lbs per week, that's nigh on 2st which would be phenomenal for me and my confidence ahead of the holiday. :)
  8. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    I have a decision to make ... the 6 guys in the office have started doing 'pie day friday' where we take it in turns to go to the local butchers and get pies in. The trouble is, the pies are one of the greatest things I have ever tasted!
  9. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Thank you :) I knew I'd been totally on plan but after only losing 2 lbs in the previous fortnight I wasn't expecting such a huge whoosh. I used 73 out of a possible 105 syns but I drank no alcohol at all. I'd been having the odd glass of wine and counting it previously. One of my problems is moderation when it comes to alcohol (and then what I eat once I've cast caution to the wind...). I think I'm an all or nothing girl - and nothing is a better option for me :) I'm going away with the boys for a few days from Sunday and it's going to be hard to stick to no alcohol, but I'm going to restrict myself to one drink a night.

    3lbs a week is a lot to aim for - but men do tend to lose more and faster than we ladies - one of those biology things. We'll all be here cheering you on!
  10. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    1) "Not at the moment, thanks - I'm trying to eat healthier and that's one of those things that will disrupt my progress and make it difficult to keep going. Maybe when I'm further along I'll be able to work it into my plan."

    2) Try to accurately estimate the syns, eat, enjoy and restrict your syns for the rest of the week. If this happens every Friday though you're going to be working with restricted syns for a long time, and that won't be good - what happens if something *else* comes up?

    3) Get creative and experiment with Free or low syn alternative recipes that you can share with the office.

    What's that strap line I see on here - "Being overweight is hard. Losing weight is hard. Pick your hard."
  11. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Brilliant stuff, and I know what you mean regarding alcohol. It's just too damn nice! ;-)

    I am hoping it's realistic as I am doign lots of exercise - cycling 15 miles tomorrow, 3m run on Saturday and then a 10 mile hike in the Dales on Sunday. :)
  12. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Brilliant advice, as ever, and I love that saying, absolutely bang on.

    I got Pieday Friday wrong too, it's only the first friday after payday each month. Much more managaeable.
  13. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    Here to subsribe xx
  14. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Well, last week was a complete write off as was unexpectedly away with work again for a few days. However, amazingly, I have stayed the same, which I think is a big result!

    So, no damage done, still 18 stones 13lbs and we go again. Going to forget about last week and re-reboot. Holiday now in 8 weeks.
  15. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Right, I've started properly now and been a good day. When I'm in the zone I find it reasonably 'easy' to keep on plan and not think about loads of food all day!

    There was a group0n deal today for a bootcamp which I have bought and am looking forward to doing. 8 sessions for £8. Determined to do this!
  16. BubblesAnseo

    BubblesAnseo Full Member

    hey how have u started the bootcamp? xxx
  17. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    How are you getting on, Monster Muncher? You haven't posted here for a while, hope you're OK.
  18. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the messages. All good here, however, I have gone over to the dark side ..... and am doing WW now. Just feel it fits in better with my lifestyle and am enjoying it so far - it's weigh in day tomorrow though so will see how we go! I have yaken lots of good habits from SW though so it's really helping me.

    I did my first bootcamp session last night BTW - it was great fun but bl00dy hard work. Aching all over today!
  19. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Don't care which plan you're following - just that you've found something that works for you :) Great news about WW and bootcamp - hope you get a decent result!
  20. Monster Muncher

    Monster Muncher Chubby Man

    Thanks! 3lbs off today! Pretty pleased with that. I really like the idea of earning activity points on WW, it makes me do more exercise and gives me parameters to stick to. I found it almost impossible to do that on SW, as I'd use all my syns and then I'd get disheartened! Probably just my weak mind though.
  21. Theria

    Theria Silver Member

    Different approaches suit different people :) 3lbs is a great result! Keep at it!

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