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No more red days 4 me!


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i also struggled on red days hun.was so hungry.
if ee works for you i'd say that was defo the best option.
i lost 3.5 stone in 3 months a few years ago doing all green and never felt hungry at all.
think you just need to try each option or mix it up and see what suits you best x


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I don't think red days agree with me either. I've done red since Sunday and found on Sunday that I was hungrier than normal but it was manageable but yesterday I was starving! I'm doing another red day today and feel fine so far (touch wood) but I definitely prefer Extra Easy. Last time I did SW I did mainly green days and always found them fine.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Hi Gemma! You can do either all green days, all red days, all extra easy, all Mix 2 Match or a combination of them all.

Mrs V

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I prefer Red days to Green if Im honest. I find that with Green Im bloated and uncomfortable. To have some variety though, I have 2 Green a week and 5 Red.
I agree with the others Hun...you just have to try and see what works better for you.
I will give it a go, i just feel some times i want to have a potatoe with prawns.
I am getting a bit bored now with sticking to all red. So i will give EE a go.


Nojo on the YoYo
But Gemma, you CAN have a potato with prawns on BOTH green AND red! You just have to HEX accordingly.

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