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trust me.. you wouldnt wanna.. lol.
ive done it twice.. and its left me with horrible horrible stomach pains.. and bad wind. *but sssh about the last part*.. lol
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Don't know if LL is the same but on CD, if you have more than one bar a day you might end up needing one of these ...



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You could try 2 just for fun. I only had one today, and 2 hours later the earth was moving!


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Believe me if I thought they'd help me go I'd eat 4 for a day :D


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hmmm I didn't "go", i did pumpty though.

Deb G

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They've got more cals and more carbs than the shakes/soups - that's why you only have one........and the other reasons mentioned above!
well I have to say I've not noticed the wind bit...lol... I don't think my teeth could deal with more than one a day.


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Yes, I happened to have 2 bars on 1 day too (i just LOVE peanut bars :S ) ended up with my stomach doing lots of 'talking' and yes, it got a bit 'windy' >.<


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I had two a day (with my LLC's consent obviously) when I was away because it involved a lot of driving, little sleep, and I was worried I would pass out.

Didn't notice the wind effect, but the weight loss wasn't as good really.
I have to give mine to my OH when I arrive home from the WI and he dishes them out daily - how bad is that.:sigh: Mind you he loves that little bit of control over me:eek:

Otherwise I would eat the lot in one day and I would hate to think that would happen:D


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lol my OH took mine off me for the first week as I didnt have a pop in she just gave me the few for the end of the week. He only gave me them when I was aloud them the few days later lol. What they like ay?


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weird, according to nutri-information on the back, peanut one has pretty much same amount of carbs as shakes.


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true but to be honest i would gladly go for 2x bar + 1xshake a-day if it was possible :D

Janey B

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Thanks to all for your help and advice. Like you Lady i've given OH my bars to keep for me and just give me 1 a day, i think if i don't have access to them i'll be able to avoid temptation!!!!
Zandra like you i would happily have 2 bars a soup and shake a day but hey this programme works if you keep to the rules so i'll be a good girl. Janey B. XX

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