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No news yet from job interview!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Thought I might have had a phone call now regarding the interview yesterday. The wait is KILLLING me!!!!! I just want to know one way or another, plus I need to go and get some milk but dont want to go out in case they ring!!!!!!!

I dont think I got it becuase Im guessing they would have phoned by now.

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with us they always tell the person who gets the job last-in case they tell someone who lost out and they are upset .There is still hope. I'd be fretting as well but grit your teeth and smile!!


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Fingers crossed for you huni!!

Time always seems to go so slowly when your waiting to hear from someone!!

Hope the waitings over quickly for you hun!! xx


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its awful when your sat waiting isnt it.

your heart is nearly in your mouth when the phone eventually rings

i agree with louisedan, where i work the person who got the job gets to know the last.

so fingers crossed for you


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I always get worked up waiting to hear back from interviews. My advice is to not sit by the phone, go about things as usual...go out and get that milk! Of course I would never take this advice myself :p

Good luck!
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Good luck fingers crossed for you hun - I hate the waiting game too xxx:)


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Run out now while they're at lunch, do you have an answering machine?! All the best of luck of you! :bliss:


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Good Luck.

They did say today or Monday. I know it is awful to have to wait through the weekend.

I am sure you will hear good news........I feel it in my water lol,

relax girl, relax................oh so easy for me to say that

hugs xxxx


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Fingers crossed for you. It took the firm I work for now two weeks to let me know I had the job, so I wouldn't assume anything just yet if I were you.


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Thanks guys!!!!!

No phone call so looks like Im gonna have to hang it out over the weekend.

Praying for a phone call Monday morning, I really HATE my current job and this job sounds amazing - like it's 'meant to be' if that makes sense????

I will let you al know the MINUTE I hear anything and thank you all so much for your kinds words and support!

Im just hoping they havent given it to someone today and waitin until Monday to tell everyone else but my OH said they wouldnt do that they would tell everyone on the same day so Im remaining positive.


big bear

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They'll prob call everyone on Monday. I really feel good for u about this, I'm sure u've got it.

Take care xx

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