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No no no no no


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I got on the scales again. I KNOW I shouldn't.

Weigh in is tomorrow.

I weigh EXACTLY THE SAME as my last weigh in!

I desperately want to lose 3 pounds and get to the 2 stone mark.

Totally gutted! I have stuck to SS 100%!

Could it be the bars? I am having one a day. I really love them though so I am not keen on giving them up - but will if it is causing me to stall like this!
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is a naughty girl...
i only lost 1/2 pound :-( but i have lost 15.5cm off my waist and 13cm off my thigh. I am still annoyed! let me know how you get on :D
Hi hon.... just wait and see how you get on tomorrow and drink as much water as poss today. My scales on SS will sometime stick for days and then just drop by around 3lbs!!! So it might jus happen tomorrow. If it's not a great loss might be worth cutting back the bars, I am better if I only have about 3 in a week rather than 1 a day.

Good luck hon and let us know how weigh in goes xx


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You might just be hitting a plateau because you have lost so much previously. Don't get disheartened! Have you done your measurements? x


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See I did my measurements and they were rubbish. I lost an inch and a half on my bust, half an inch on my thigh and half an inch on my hips. Pants.


Mistress of the Dark
That's not pants! That's great! Your body might just need a bit of time to recover. Next week you will probably have a whopping great loss again! x


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Ah yeah I know... I won't give up and will keep going but I really wanted to lose 2 stone before I meet my new fertility consultant tomorrow so that I could say "look I'm doing something about my weight, I've lost two stone already", so I'm disappointed.

Will have to get plenty of water down me today and hope for the best.

Also... ***TMI ALERT***

I know I need a poo, so that might help.

:D :D :D


Mistress of the Dark
Lol it might!

It's easy to forget on this diet that doing a normal healthy eating diet, you would only lose 1-2lbs a week. We get so used to big quick losses that when we have a STS or a smaller loss, we get majorly disheartened.

I am sure the consultant will still be impressed with your loss! x


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Hey guru,

I just has 3 days of ss 100% and my scales never moved either then this morning i dropped 5lb!! :eek::eek::eek:

You just cant predict it :flirt2:
Those measurements sound pretty good for a week- it shows that you are burning fat, so it is coming off. I know exactly how you feel as I only lost 1lb over a two week period, however yesterday I then lost 6lb! I did cut down a little on my bars as well and drunk more water. I think that sometimes this water retention has a lot to answer for as you are obviously losing. I know it's really hard but just keep at it, remember that you are not just doing this to see a change on the scales and it's true what everyone says, you can't not lose weight if you stick at it. You're body is just trying to adjust to everything. You've done so well already. X


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Those measurements are for a MONTH minibum!

Thanks for all the support. I will not give up! I am determined!

I KNOW this works!


Slimming down the aisle
It may just be a STS week. It happens. Does your CDC measure you? You might find you've lost inches not lbs! But seriously hun, don't worry about it. I would keep the bars for this week, as it might not be them. If you find that you then don't lose or it's a very small loss, then cut a few out. You might find this week you've lost inches and next week you'll get a big woosh on the lbs!


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She hasn't measured me since my first meeting with her. I did it myself and was not very impressed so far!

Bah. Humbug.

I'm sure it'll all be fine and it'll all pan out eventually.


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This is going to sound like a weird thing to ask, but,

Are you pear shaped per chance????

I only ask because pearshaped peeps bodies have different ways of losing stuff.... and the inches don't necessarily 'show' because the fat loss is from the 'inside' around organs and such weird places.

It's not much use not being able to see it on the scale or measure it with a tape, but you're 100% and it IS going from Somewhere, the good news is that the scales will eventually show it!!
BTW the consultant will be pleased.... you've lost 12kg and that's substantial in anyone's book, don't fret!
Ali x


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No I'm a perfect hourglass. That's about the only good thing about my figure - I am in proportion! It's just rather large proportions :D ;)
Hi Guru, I've posted this before to say when I did LL first time I did 100 days SS (no cheating at all). One week I lost a 1lb and the following week I only lost 1.5lbs and was GUTTED but kept my faith in the diet and kept going..... the 3rd week I lost 8lbs, so a total of 10.5 in 3 weeks. Sojust stick with it and keep going, the losses will catch up with themselves :D x


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Thanks Lexy, I know you're right. I have to just bear with it!


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Too late now Jim! LOL


Please kick my butt!!
Guru. gotta say babe you make me giggle. I betcha that when you see your new doc tomorrow and can proudly say that you are losing weight, he's gonna be well impressed at your positive attitude. ending you lots of good baby vibes ~~~~~~~~~~