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No-one noticed


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:cry:I work for the NHS out in the community for 4 days a week and have to work one or sometimes two shifts per week in the hospital. The uniform I have to wear is not very flattering but when they were first issued about six months ago, mine was a bit uncomfortable and didnt fit my ample curves. Now having lost weight, my uniform fits so much better and is comfy.

On Sunday, I was working a late shift and made up a shake for my tea and got the usual comments like.."how can just a drink fill you?" When I explained that it did fill me and that I was very happy with Lipotrim, one colleague said I looked a little slimmer in the face. No-one else commented which made me feel that they all thought I looked the same as I always did!

Anyway, I'll show them cos tomorrow I'm going to a meeting in my new jeans & top which definitely show my weight loss. I don't want a fuss making, but it's encouraging when people comment.
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It's really funny you know, but people you work with just don't notice! I have had a few comments like 'your hair looks different' or 'that jumper looks nice' but no-one has noticed that I've lost 36lbs in 8 weeks!!! I've just put it down to the fact that because they see you all the time there's no big difference. On my bad days I wonder whether in fact I have lost any weight, but today I went to put on a skirt I wore a couple of months ago and it was miles too big so I know I have, but you'd think just someone would say something??? V frustrating!!!


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To be honest I think alot of it is jealousy!!

That other people don't have the will power to do something like this!! In work all of the guys coment on my loss but the girls who aren't my friends don't !

Don't let them get you down girlies as long as you know that's all that matters!!


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I am one of those silly people that just doesnt notice weightloss lol. My friend would say oooh I've lost a stone since being on a diet etc, and honestly I could never tell. Its not because I couldn't see that they had lost weight, its because I never usually notice how people look. I'm mostly oblivious to whats outside, but always seem to notice whats inside.

I say to my partner 'am I skinnier' and he laughs and says yes of course you are darling...but actually because he sees me every day, he hasnt noticed the change.

One of my huge goals is to see my family in easter, and I havent seen them since christmas so they hopefully will notice!

Your doing great xxx
I have to admit I dont think it is jealousy I think people who see you day in and day out dont notice until youve lost a fair amount. Either that or people dont like to say. I had loads of people say 'I thought youd lost weight but didnt like to mention it'

Youll possibly find going in wearing something different will make them notice too, I also had more people commenting when they saw me dressed in casual clothes than in my uniform, people get so used to seeing each other they dont always see changes.


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I think they're just jealous! Ive lost 40lbs and I think I could count on my fingers the number of people who said Ive lost weight. Hardly any of my girlfriends have noticed... and these are the kind of people who notice a little spot..

You show em girl xx


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Thanks everyone, I'll let you know if I get any good comments cos the people Im meeting tomorrow havent seen me since before Christmas!


Here we go again!
Good for you Babynurse! At least you know you've lost the weight. Some people at work still haven't noticed my weight loss and its 3stones 8lbs up to now! If they haven't noticed that they'll never notice it!


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Hehehe after reading and answering this post I opened two minimins and got my pictures up, one now, one at start and flicked between them both quite fast and showed my partner. He said 'oooh yeah you can see the difference' :) :)


Getting thinner everyday!
I also wear a uniform and it so disguises any weight loss.

I don't think it helps that I haven't dropped my uniform size so it's baggy and hard for people to notice.

It took over two stone loss before people started commenting. I did ask a colleague outright once and he replied

"how can I tell in that baggy uniform?"

Just keep plodding on and when they do notice..it'll mean all the more to you.


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