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No pepper allowed in TFR soup!

There are a lot of things that people do that LT say no to Flutter, but people do them to make the diet that little bit easier. Some people put pepper or chilli in their soups, some drink flavoured water. Personally, i have a couple of mugs of Bouillon (like soup/gravy) every day, and it has not made my losses suffer...
I have read from someone (Sandra, i believe.. sorry if it is not!! lol) that LT has not changed for many many years and other VLCD allow you more than LT does, so maybe they just haven't moved on..
It could also be that by not having ANYTHING extra, your palate will be properly cleansed and make the maintenance easier.. i really don't know the answer to that bit flutter x x
Yeah it was me! I did it first in 1997 and I can't think of a single thing that has changed since then.........back then there was only LT and CD. LT had to be done under doctors' supervision, weigh in at the doc every week etc. I remember that I used to have to pay half the standard fee to see the doctor and take my urine sample to get tested!

We are working out for ourselves what we can and can't do and still lose weight........my pharmacist is more than happy as long as it works!
I was the same Sandra, I did this diet about 10 years ago.

Everything was still the same the flavours of the shakes, the only differences were I had to goto the hospital to see a DR to get it, I had to take a urine sample each week, and they did a fingerprick test each week also. I'm sure that the diet was also around £15 a week for me back then lols.


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I always put pepper in the soup, hasn't affected my losses so going to keep using it. It's the only bit in me that will rebel against the diet lol! :D:D:D

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