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NO Regrets!! New Start!!

hey guys,

just wanted to officially pledge to myself and the world that im going to make a fresh start on ss and forget my previous failed yo-yo attempts.

Feeling much more positive, had enough of telling friends and family about starting the diet every week only to fail again and again. This time im ashamed to even mention the word diet infront of them im just gona wait for them to realise the weight loss without me telling them.

going on abit.... thanks for listening

first day today and weigh in at 14st 11lbs :eek: shocker

i plan to keep a daily diary to keep me focused on this diet. God willing i will actually succed this time round.

Pray for me and wish me luck

thanks again for listening

xxxxx good luck with ur journeys too!!!
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Good luck hun, hope you have a good journey and you stick to it! xxx


Please kick my butt!!
good luck babe xoxox
thanks guys, nice to feel the LOVE (how cheesy..haha)

good luck to all of yas, sonya we do have similar stas would be great to hear from ya again.... i will be on this post daily for a while posibly till new years if not longer...

thanks again xxxxxxx
Hey Stoshy, me can motivate each other, be completely honest and share some laughs and experiences together! Great!

I've got my week 1 weigh in tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it. Have a good evening, I'm now going to watch Leeds and Liverpool play!
Good luck to you too, I am too scared to mention to my friends as again they will think yeah right bet she stops after a few days as been saying for weeks now! But I am totally in the zone although had a very rough day today just want to be slim slim slim! Its great to have support like this too. xx


Laugh in the face of food
Hey Stoshy, I'm with you on this one. I'm going back to see my CDC tomorrow. I need to lose 30lbs and I've set myself 10 weeks to do it. I've done it before I can do it again. I just need to quit yo-yoing and get on with it. I've got a point to prove - to myself!

Hopefully you, me and Sonya can keep each other motivated.

Good luck xxx


Laugh in the face of food
Good luck to you too, I am too scared to mention to my friends as again they will think yeah right bet she stops after a few days as been saying for weeks now! xx
I've just been through all this today from my friends. Well this time I'm seeing it through to the end. I find it amazing that people at work are so interested in my dieting ups and downs, but hey ho. None of their business.:p
Hey guys, its great to hear that we are all on the same chapters in our life where we just need to slap our selfs and say "whats wrong with you women stick in there!! and you will be slim and much more happier!!"

well yesterday was a disaster was thinking not to tell you and pretend i done a whole day but honesty is the KEY to everything!!

as i said no regrets... just need to fix up!! done well so far 2day not hungry at all...

how about you all???? weigh ins result and how you feeling?? keep me posted

Hey All, I've had my weigh in and I'm 7lbs lighter. I'm very happy but need to stay focused and not just give up cos I've lost a few pounds!

Stoshy, well done for being truthful as I know that it can be hard even when we have never met each other! When I was falling off the wagon last time, I had to be honest then for my own sake but it wasn't easy. I think you should just crack on with today and just concentrate about getting through today.

I'm up for keeping each other on the straight and narrow.

I found out that we have a family event coming up in November where all of the family will be so if I stick with CD, I could be considerably thinner by then. So here's to lots of water and shakes!
Hi Stoshy, I was the same weight as you a mere 13 weeks ago............and I am now at goal, 13 weeks isn't that long to a new you. I never thought I would get here but I did so bundles of love and luck coming your way !
Wow, Charley24, have you really noticed such a difference in just 13 weeks? That is such a motivation. I would love to hear about what size you were and are now and such things. I found I got a little obsessed when I first started CD last time too!

Hope your all well.

Stoshy, whats happenin? You doing ok?

Speak soon.
sending you good luck vibes hunny

I started cd back end of Dec 14st 8! I stopped and messed around for a bit on sw but never lost as I just couldn't but maintained ish!

I am now finishing off my journey on CD because after a few months of maintaining I know it works! and once I get to goal I can stay there does that make sence lol

Anyhow good luck
Hey Berryred, I know exactly what you mean. I keep saying to myself "it's a couple of months of being strong and then I can concentrate on just maintaining.

I must admit that at the moment I'm not feeling 100% I can see it through. Just take each day as it comes and repeat!
Here's to a new start!

Wel done for taking the decision! I have done the same thing - only my mum and hubby know that i'm on the diet. I can't bear the thought of failing yet again! I am much more positive this time so here's hoping! Best of luck x:)
Good luck with your new start hope it all goes well.

Im on day three restart, ive yo-yoed for last three month playing around and ended up in hospital think my body went into fat shock and ended up with gall stones, so we have drawn a line under it all and today got weighted and measured as a new client my CDC is lovely so we are not looking back we can only go forward, I know though I have to do this now or I might end up in agony and in hospital again so the choice has been taken away from me plus if they take my gall bladder away I wont be able to do the diet for ages, so onwards and upwards.

Good luck everyone lets do it together

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