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no support 4 refeeders???

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well i went 4 my last weigh in today as i started refeed last week it was litrally ok ur dun come bk when you want to do it again..i had to go to another chemist as the 1 i was with had never had any refeeders so didnt have any info or bars for us i was very disapointed to say the least i was left thinking err ok what do i do now. so now im doing 1 flapjack and 2 meals cus im on day 4 of refeed.think its silly we had so much support when losing weight then nothing to acctually help us keep it off..
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This is so true and one of the things that annoys me so much about LT! You seem to get all the help (well, not everyone does...depends on the pharmacy), and then it is "right, ok, see ya again when you put the weight back on". Being a bit flippant but it can feel like that. My pharmacist was lovely and became a friend really and says I can go whenever I want to get weighed, but feel bad going there and not buying anything!!!!

This is where a support network is so important. I lost a lot last year and I kinda came on now and again to the maintenance side of the forum, but was half hearted.....I did put a bit on (although I have an ED, so have other factors).....but, believe me, keeping a record of what you are eating and how you are doing will help you on the next stage of your journey.

Maintaining is definately harder than TFR!! You dont have to think on TFR and no choices, other than .mmmmm.....choc, vanilla, strawberry or soup, oh, or those things they call flapjacks!! But, then, all of a sudden, choices every minute of the day re food!

It is doable and achievable but you do have to be so careful! As you have seen, there are a lot of restarters....I can say that, cause I was one of them!

You have done brilliantly, in such a short space of time,,,well done! Now, dont lose that momentum and get inspiration from the ones maintaining and really going great guns...plenty on here for sure to help you and give you support!!

You can do it, dont think you cant,,,,just keep positive and dont let your guard down for a while as there will be a lot of food out there to tempt you :mad:


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I'm really sorry and surprised that you have found that with your pharmacy. I have continued to go to mine weekly for a weigh in and a chat and found it a really essential part of the process. I'm going to carry on going too for the foreseeable future, and at least until I've had my plastic surgery. You're right - maintenance is the time when you need the most help, and you will find loads on this site but it would be better to have some face to face support as well.



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Have you got the refeed sheet chick???? That is vital and i hope so far you are doing ok :)

Am sorry that your chemist isnt helpful. But, you do have this fabulous sight and the people on here are awesome and always always helpful!

I didnt find this with my chemist - they encouraged me to keep going for weigh ins and said anytime, no matter what i am always welcome to go for a chat or just to get weighed no matter how long it has been.

The difference in chemists has been bought up before but doesnt seem like anything is being done.

But, dont be afraid to come on here and ask away. You will always get an answer, support and encouragement from this place :D



Here we go again!
Such a shame your chemist isn't supportive. Mine were really good last time I finished LT. They said to come back and weigh every week if I wanted with no charge (I know some charge for this!) and they also had all the maintenance products and knowledge of what to do. They seem genuinely concerned that I did it right and were there for me.

Like others have said though, I think this site is the best place for advice, the experienced refeeders and maintainers are a lifesaver.
S: 21st3lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st8lb Loss: 2st1lb(9.76%)
we went to a diffrent pharmacy yesturday and they gave us a refeed sheet i was already on day 4 by this point tho but i did ok cus i still lost 3 lbs lol this site has been wonderful 4 help and support u are all fantastic diet buddies i couldnt have dun it without the constant motivation and advice you all continute to give, thank you :)

irish molly

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That is so bad of your pharmacist to trat you like that. I guess some of them just have commercial interest at heart. It is much nicer to meet the ones that also value you as a person. Anyway, there will be plenty of good advice from all your friends here.
Hope your refeed goes well, stick to the sheet and drink plenty of water.

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