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Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by Helmac, 11 February 2010 Social URL.

  1. Helmac

    Helmac New Member

    I've recently discovered this site - thank goodness! Whilst the SW site is useful the fact that one can't ask questions is very frustrating. Of course you are told that you can ask your consultant but sometime there are too many questions buzzing around! For example recently a discussion focussed on syn free or low syn snacks for those dangerous times when you need a quick fix. Various products were given but so many that it wasn't possible to take it all in.

    Is there anywhere on this site which lists no syn/low syn snacks eg Mugshots/Golden Wonder Pasta Pots/Batchelors Super Noodles/Savoury Rice/Activa FF yogurts etc. I hadn't heard of some of these. The super noodles have been a godsend to fill a gap before preparing an evening meal.

    Any one able to offer more to add to the list?
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  3. philly_x

    philly_x Full Member

    If you enter the manufactorer of any of those snacks onto into the slimming world website it produces a list of all the things by that company - really useful for if your looking for different flavours of things eg. bachelors low fat super noodles! All of which are free I beleive!

    All the mug shots that say 1% fat are syn free

    Most muller lights are free (inc the ones with chocolate sprinked in them!)

    Mini Milk ice creams are 1.5 syns each (and a life saver for me!!)

    French Fries/Quavers/Skips are 4 syns from the multipack if you need a crisp fix!

    Chicken Drumsticks without the skin are a really good filling snack and they are free!

    You can buy a book from class, I think its called low syn snacks, and its a book of snacks that are either free or under 5 syns thats really useful! x
  4. louisehj

    louisehj Full Member

    For info, the book that you buy can buy from class is only £1.90 and is handbag sized. They also do another one called branded free foods. I ordered this one last week from my consultant so hopefully will have it on Monday.
  5. Meli

    Meli Gold Member

    Mini-milks are definately great!!!
    The thing I don't like about the website is that you have to put the brand and then you need to know exactly what it's called. I wish you could just pick the brand and then get a whole list!
  6. qbeewar

    qbeewar Full Member

    I keep meaning to pick up that book, its deffo going to come in handy when youre caught out lol.
    Careful of supernoodles though. Im sometimes a little concerned with them. They still have somewhere in the region of 320 calories in them :s
  7. Circes

    Circes Strutting her stuff

    You don't need to know the exact name as it will search for parts of words eg yog instead of yogurt. So say you want to look up Morrison's own brand of chicken and mushroom pasta and sauce but you're not sure what the proper name is? You could search for pasta, or chicken and mushroom.

  8. jaylou

    jaylou Gold Member

    Remember though, that SW advise that for snacks, your first choice should be superfree foods ie fruit and veg.
    Qbeewar is right, supernoodles, pasta in sauce etc shouldn't really be used as a snack - I know we don't need to watch cals but if you want a pack of supernoodles as a snack then imo, you are not having enough for your meals!
  9. Helmac

    Helmac New Member

    Thanks for all the replies. Meli, I agree with you about the site. I don't think it is very userfriendly and is a bit amaturish in parts -particularly the Syns Online section.
  10. miminglover666

    miminglover666 Full Member

    I think I really need to be eating loads more fruit as I barely touch it, instead of focusing on choccy syns
  11. tinkagem

    tinkagem Full Member

    I have found the commentss really helpful.
    I am definately going to make an effort to ensure my snacks are superfree foods....although I am now excited about the mini milks and skips! :)
  12. hollys nan

    hollys nan Gold Member

    And for a really lovely treat, skinny cow ice cream lollies are only 4.5 syns say for the mint choc chip, and its a generous size too. Please just leave some for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
  13. natemsav

    natemsav New Member

    Definitely popping out to get mini milks! :D
  14. ScarlettStar86

    ScarlettStar86 Gold Member

    Mikado, had them for the first time yesterday and as they were only 1/2syn each you can afford to have enough to satisfy chocolate and biscuit cravings in one! :)
  15. halcyon

    halcyon Full Member

    I love mikado
  16. tinkagem

    tinkagem Full Member

    Me too! LOVELY in Black Coffee!.....oooh I'm making Espresso :D

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